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Invitation to Sponsor

Dear Friend:

I invite you to become a partner with the members of the RNLA to advance not only fair, open and honest elections, but also professionalism, career opportunities and Republican principles by becoming a sponsor of an RNLA event.

Here are upcoming events with sponsorship opportunities:

The Lawyers' Reception at the 2016 RNC National Convention

  • The Lawyers' Reception at the 2016 RNC National Convention will be held on Monday, July 18, at Baker Hostetler in Cleveland, OH.
  • The RNLA gathers during the quadrennial conventions of the National Republican Party to conduct the special lawyers' reception to support the Republican Presidential ticket and the respective state tickets. This year will arguably be the most exciting and important convention in 50 years.
  • Among the many nationwide Republican Leaders that will be attending is Hon. Don McGahn, Counsel for Trump for President.
  • This reception is a unique opportunity for RNLA members to meet prominent officials and other attorneys active in the Republican Party during a presidential election year.
  • The Lawyers' Reception Honoring the Romney Legal Team was held in Tampa, Florida on August 30, 2012. Special guests included House Oversight and Government Reform Chair Rep. Darrell Issa, Senator Kit Bond, Connie Mack, and Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, as well as the leaders of the Romney legal team, Benjamin Ginsberg and Katie Biber Chen.
  • Registration details are available here; for sponsorship information go here.

2016 National Election Law Seminar

  • The 2016 National Election Law Seminar is a two-day conference which will be held in Denver, Colorado. Some photos from the 2015 Seminar are available here .
  • This is the foremost election law seminar that deals with all matters related to voting and elections. The seminar has classes taught by national election law experts covering topics including: The most recent developments in election law and what may be coming to your state soon; campaign finance law and compliance; how to ensure the election is open, fair and honest; sessions for novice and advanced election law lawyers; and redistricting and other voting-related litigation.
  • Meet representatives of the Donald J. Trump for President campaign and learn how you can help in your state.
  • Up to 11 CLE credit hours, including 1 hour of Ethics credit.
  • Past speakers include commissioners of the Federal Election Commission and Election Assistance Commission; Secretaries of State; United States and state Attorneys General; Members of Congress; counsel to the key Republican Committees such as the Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, National Republican Senatorial Committee, and Republican Governors Association; counsel to the Republican presidential campaigns; and leading authors.
  • Registration details are available here; for more information on sponsoring the Seminar, please go here.

2016 Republican Lawyer of the Year Reception

  • Each year, the RNLA bestows the Republican Lawyer of the Year Award on a lawyer for his or her outstanding professional accomplishments and years of dedicated service to the Republican Party and its ideals.
  • In 2015, the award was presented to Bobby Burchfield at a very special reception on October 20, 2015.
  • Past recipients of the award have included Richard E. Wiley, Betty Southard Murphy, Robert J. Horn, Harvey M. Tettlebaum, Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., Theodore B. Olson, James Bopp, Jr., Charles J. Cooper, J. Randolph Evans, J. Caleb Boggs III, George J. Terwilliger III, Mark Braden and Bobby Burchfield.

2017 National Policy Conference

  • The 2017 conference will take place at the National Press Club.
  • The National Policy Conference is a one-day conference held in Washington, D.C. each spring with the foremost Republican leaders and is open to the press. Here are a few pictures from the 2016 Conference. The National Policy Conference has included presentations by distinguished Republican lawyers and public servants including: Vice President Dick Cheney, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Bob Corker, Speaker Newt Gingrich, RNC Chair Reince Priebus and former United States Attorney General John Ashcroft.
  • The Ed Meese Award is bestowed to an individual who has upheld the rule of law in the face of adverse political challenges. Last year’s winner was Chuck Cooper with past winners including: Dick Wiley, Fred Fielding, Judge Ken Starr, Attorney General John Ashcroft, Ambassador John Bolton, Senator Jeff Sessions, and Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
  • The Betty Murphy Award this award is given each year to an unsung hero, member, trailblazer, with entrepreneurial spirit, a community service leader, an organization builder who inspires others' efforts. Award winners include Nancy Nord, Brigida Benitez, Tom Spencer, Heather Heidelbaugh and Kathryn Ciano.
  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit will also be available to attendees.
  • Registration and sponsorship details will be posted as soon as they are available.

Your contributions can be through check, on-line credit card transaction or stock gift.

An investment in the RNLA will upgrade the quality of lawyer efforts to advance the principles of the Republican Party. It will advance and protect the political freedoms you and I hold central in our lives.


Michael Thielen
Executive Director

P.S. The RNLA can accept both individual and corporate contributions. Your contribution or sponsorship will be recognized on this website and during the sponsored RNLA event unless you request otherwise.

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