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Fall 2016

Trump and the Importance of the Judiciary
An article by Mrs. Lisa Dixon
The election this November could have the potential to completely change the judiciary. Mr. Trump’s ability to nominate principled judges who will uphold the rule of law is a good reason to vote for Mr. Trump—maybe even the best reason.

Book Review: “While America Slept,” by Robert C. O’Brien
An article by Ms. Kimberly Reed
RNLA Board of Governors member Robert C. O'Brien recently published While America Slept. This book is a compilation of 27 of O’Brien’s essays published during the Obama years that focus on national security, the grave challenges that America faces, and what it will take to “restore American leadership to a world in crisis.”

President's Message, Fall 2016
An article by Mr. Larry Levy
RNLA President Larry Levy discusses the importance of down-ticket races this election, and urges all Republicans to assist one or more candidates they support.

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