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Summer 2016

President's Message On Donald Trump
An article by Mr. Larry Levy
After a long and contentious primary process that began with 17 candidates, Donald Trump has emerged as the Republican Nominee for President. It is time all Republicans heed the call from Chairman Preibus and come together to support our Party’s nominee.

A Glimpse into the Impact a Trump Presidency Would Have on the U.S. Judiciary
An article by Mr. Andrew Bennett
Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump recently did something a bit unorthodox: Trump released a list of eleven names of judges he considers qualified for the Scalia vacancy on the Supreme Court.

2016 National Policy Conference Recap
An article by Mrs. Lisa Dixon
The RNLA hosted its annual National Policy Conference, focusing on Scalia’s Legacy on the Supreme Court, on Friday, May 6 at the National Press Club.

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