300,000 Lies on Voter ID by the Far Left Media; Actual Disenfranchised Voters Ignored

The far left vote fraud deniers and "disenfranchisers" went into Wisconsin Tuesday with a mission to “prove voter ID disenfranchises."  

It started before the election with the use of the discredited statistic that 300,000 people could be disenfranchised.  This number is a complete fabrication and everyone who is remotely honest or informed on the topic knows it.  Yet, when confronted, Democrat Operative and MSNBC Blogger Zach Roth admits the number is wrong but states: “So who cares?”

Then we get to the actual stories, my favorite is the Huffington Post. This story is quite frankly absurd because it is following people who do not want to vote. Take the story of Kari Venteris:

Election Protection advised her to go to her polling place anyway, so she did: there, she registered to vote using her Illinois license. A poll worker gave her a slip to get a regular ballot, but she knew submitting a regular ballot, rather than a provisional ballot, would be illegal under Wisconsin law.

So she had a chance to vote and did not, because she wanted to be part of a story.  Ms. Venteris is part of a trend of liberal examples: they all can obtain IDs but don’t want to do so.  A couple other ones:

In the midst of an appeal on the Pennsylvania Voter ID, the named plaintiff Vivettte Applewhite “received the state-issued photo ID card necessary to vote, despite saying she’d been rejected for years because she lacked appropriate documentation to receive the card.”

Of course her case is nothing compared to one of the examples used by the left in the Supreme Court case on Voter ID:

The problem of possible double voting by someone who is registered in two states is illustrated by one of the Indiana voters highlighted by the League of Women Voters in theirCrawford v. Marion County Election Board amicus brief. This voter was used by the league as an example of someone who had difficulty voting because of the voter ID requirement. However, after an Indiana newspaper interviewed this voter, it turned out that the problems she encountered stemmed from her trying to use a Florida driver’s license to vote in Indiana. Not only did she have a Florida driver’s license, but she was also registered to vote in Florida where she owned a second home. In fact, she had claimed residency in Florida by filing for a homestead exemption on her property taxes, which is normally only available to individuals who claim residency in a state. So the Indiana law worked as intended: It prevented someone from illegally voting twice.

Here is the thing: all the actual people mentioned in the Huffington Post story could vote if they wanted to and all did vote provisionally.  If the Left cared about them and their votes, they would help get them IDs instead of trying to make them examples. 

The Huffington Post repeats the 300,000 lie but actually cites three people who voted provisionally and could have their votes counted if they wanted to do so. 

Shame on the far left in the media for using people.  But what does the far left care, Democrat Bernie Sanders keeps winning states (Wisconsin by 13%) and losing the Democrat nomination because of the delegate rules .  Whether it is vote fraud or Democrat Party rules, the far left in the media does not care about real voter disenfranchisement.