America’s “Worst“ Election Official is Finally Starting to Pay for Her Fraud and/or Incompetence

Broward County Election Official Brenda Snipes is finally starting to face the music for her years of admitted vote fraud and incompetence. Ironically, it was for her efforts regarding a Democrat Primary for then DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman that she is beginning to face the music:

Broward Circuit Judge Raag Singhal issued an order Friday determining that Supervisor Brenda Snipes' office improperly discarded thousands of ballots cast two years ago in the Democratic primary race between Tim Canova and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. In a ruling first reported by Politico, Singhal sided with Canova, who filed a lawsuit last year after he said Snipes ignored and then illegally obstructed his request to copy and inspect ballots.

Snipes was not only slapped down by a judge in a summary judgment, because of her fighting even after she admitted she broke the law, but the plaintiff will now receive attorneys’ fees.  

Snipes action in this case may or may not have helped the former Hillary-backing DNC Chair survive a strong challenge from a Sanders-supported challenger. 

What can be said is no one should trust Snipes to run an election.  In the 2016 general election alone Snipes had the following problems:

  • She admitted that “non-citizens and felons have voted despite not being eligible — especially right before major elections when groups are actively registering new voters.”
  • She alleged “engaged in ongoing violations of Florida law governing the canvassing of vote-by-mail ballots [absentee ballots]. [T]ens of thousands of vote-by-mail ballots in Broward County are being opened by your staff: (1) before they have been canvassed by the county canvassing board; and (2) without providing the public the opportunity to review or file a protest against the canvass of a ballot believed to be legally deficient.”

Under Snipes, voters are being disenfranchised by non-citizen and felons on the one hand.  On the other hand, she is destroying ballots and making it more difficult to review her actions.

Florida’s Secretary of State is sending an election expert to ensure all laws are followed.  It is about time; for who knows how many Ms. Snipes has disenfranchised through fraud or incompetence.