At Least One Democrat Running for President Listens Minorities on Voter ID

With Democrats reportedly unhappy with front runner nominee Hillary Clinton, they may want to turn to one of the other Democrat candidates running for the Democratic Nomination for President.  One of those other candidates, Lincoln Chaffee, while Governor of Rhode Island supported voter ID.  Of course there are a number of Democrats who support Voter ID, including for example the Democrat Secretary of State of New Hampshire. 

Chaffee in signing voter ID legislation in 2011 made an interesting statement (emphasis):


"Throughout our nation’s history, we have fought to ensure that no citizen be denied that right. Similarly, we have also worked to maintain confidence in our elections by enacting appropriate safeguards to prevent voter intimidation and fraud."


"As the General Assembly debated legislation requiring Rhode Island voters to present valid identification at the polls, I met with a number of experts on both sides to discuss this complex issue,” Governor Chafee continued. “Notably, I spoke with representatives of our state’s minority communities, and I found their concerns about voter fraud and their support for this bill particularly compelling.”


“Having reflected a great deal on the issue, I believe that requiring identification at the polling place is a reasonable request to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our elections,” Governor Chafee concluded. “As a result, I have signed into law H-5680 and S-400." 


It would be great if all the candidates for the Democrat nomination for President would similarly reflect and talk to the minority communities affected by vote fraud instead of kowtowing to the minority “leaders” such as vote fraud committer Al Sharpton before disparaging ID.