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Mr. Joe Maida IV

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Law School: University of Houston (1992)

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401 Congress, Ste. 1540
Austin, Texas 78701


September 2016Tampa, FL
Washington, DC
Special Advisor on Threat Finance, Northrop Grumman Team Lead
•As Northrop Grumman National Counter Threat Finance Team Lead, developed strategic lines of reporting for monthly client activity reports. Through consensus and in coordination with other team members, led effort to develop program metrics.
•While on extended TDY to USSOCOM Headquarters, advised senior leadership on the National Military Strategic Plan to Counter Transregional Terrorist Organizations, the Counter-ISIL Authorities Information Paper, the U.S. Department of Defense Instruction on Counter Threat Finance, and other broader strategic initiatives to counter threat finance.
•While embedded with the Afghanistan/Pakistan team, Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, U.S. Department of the Treasury, developed intelligence on individuals to be considered as Specially Designated Global Terrorists. Wrote corresponding evidentiary packages and interfaced with Department of Justice and Department of State counsel. Provided strategic input to J36 on network targeting.

Austin, Texas
•Developed and filed patent application for computer software related to methods for preventing money laundering and countering terrorist financing.

September 2013 CJIATF-Shafafiyat, NATO ISAF Headquarters, Kabul, Afghanistan
Special Advisor to the Commander, Corruption and Organized Crime
•Served with CJIATF-Shafafiyat as a consultant for Counternarcotics and Global Threats, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), U.S. Department of Defense. Also served as Deputy Chief for Governance and Rule of Law.
•Designed and executed courses of action to address corruption, criminal patronage, money laundering, transnational organized crime, and suspected violations of international sanctions. Coordinated with USDOJ, FBI, DHS, ATFC, TF2010, and SIGAR, as well as international elements including SOCA, FinTRACA, DFSA, and the UN Al-Qaida and Taliban Monitoring Team. Analyzed applicability of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and proposed remedial courses of action.
•Coordinated with the Afghan Office of the Attorney General (AGO) on complex criminal prosecutions, serving as the principal liaison for the Headquarters on corruption issues.
•Coordinated the Counter Corruption and Organized Crime Interagency Effects Group involving NATO nation embassies, law enforcement agencies, and elements of the intelligence community. Proposed prescriptive measures to address criminal capture and corruption in key Afghan ministries and criminal justice processes. Formulated courses of action subsequently adopted by the Commander of ISAF.
•Drafted and briefed the strategic legal underpinnings of CJIATF-Afghanistan to NATO ISAF HQ leadership.

February 2010 - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE
November 2011 Regional Platform South (RPS), Kandahar Airfield, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan
Regional Rule of Law Coordinator/Lead
•Served with RPS as a consultant for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) as lead for all civilian U.S. rule of law (ROL) capacity building efforts in Regional Command South (RCS) – the provinces of Kandahar, Zabul, and Uruzgan to also include border issues. Designated by the Regional Command as the civilian-military lead for capacity building efforts of the formal criminal justice system.
•In coordination with the RCS Chief of Rule of Law and other civilian ROL advisors, designed a regional plan to implement the ISAF NATO ROL strategy in RCS. As lead for strategic implementation of the plan, synchronized civilian efforts to build security and stability through Afghan ROL capacity with Operation Hamkari military clearing operations.
•Promoted ROL based initiatives informed by intelligence to address criminal activity enabling the insurgency such as narcotics and assassinations.
•Analyzed intelligence and advised Department of State leadership on courses of action consistent with the Foreign Assistance Act (Leahy Amendment).
•Frequently briefed senior Department leadership to include U.S. Ambassadors and NATO nation military generals on measured progress of regional rule of law initiatives in the counterinsurgency context.

January 2010 Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan
Head of Rule of Law, Helmand Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT)
•Appointed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom as PRT lead for ROL (consulting through INL). Managed a staff of subject matter experts from the UK including a Deputy Head of ROL and two justice advisors. Responsible for policy oversight of a team of EUPOL police mentors, Ministry of Defense Police, and the Security Sector Reform Group of the British Army. Responsible for an operating budget of approximately 8 million BPS.
•Designed and implemented the strategy for expanding the formal justice sector (including insurgent prosecution) from the Helmand provincial capital to key districts including Nad Ali as part of Operation Moshtarak. Planned in coordination with the Marine Expeditionary Force and the British Army for Afghan ROL presence and security capacities to synchronize with the clearing of Marjah and other key venues.
•Supported Afghan law enforcement investigation into green on blue shootings.

September 2006 - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE
August 2008Regional Training Center, Herat, Afghanistan
Herat Province Team Leader
•Served with the Justice Sector Support Program (JSSP) consulting through INL in Herat Province as Team Leader. Formulated and executed strategy to implement the ROL and improve prosecutorial procedures in the formal criminal justice system following a comprehensive capacity assessment.
•Managed JSSP for the Western Region provinces of Herat, Baghdis, Farah and Ghor, as well as the Southern Region provinces of Helmand, Kandahar, and Nimroz. Supervised both local national and U.S. attorneys. Served as the designated principal international mentor for the Herat Provincial Chief Prosecutor (PCP), Afghanistan’s first female PCP. Mission required the ability to forge strong professional relationships with local, provincial, and regional law enforcement leadership as well as intense familiarity with regional crime methods.
•Instructed and mentored prosecutors and investigative police officers. Enhanced counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, anti-money laundering, and post-blast improvised explosive device (IED) investigative and prosecution capacities in coordination with Afghan government and NATO ISAF officials.

August 2006Austin, Texas
Assistant Attorney General
•Served in the Money Laundering Unit, funded with U.S. Department of Justice funds to mount an effective challenge to the financial infrastructure of complex criminal organizations and terrorist networks.
•Duties included investigation and prosecution of complex cases involving international money transmitters, international extradition, drug traffickers, and domestic extremist anti-government groups.
•Participated in interagency analysis of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) filed pursuant to the anti-money laundering provisions of the Bank Secrecy Act and Patriot Act.
•Coordinated with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Joint Terrorism Task Force, and Texas Department of Banking.
•Represented the Office of the Attorney General before the 79th Texas Legislature in 2005, drafting portions of the current Texas money laundering statute which criminalize financing illicit activity.

August 2004 Austin, Texas
Assistant District Attorney
•Prosecuted felony cases subject to intense public and media scrutiny. Violent crime caseload included capital murder of a police officer, solicitation of capital murder, arson, and sexual assault by a U.S. Government employee in the scope of official duty. White-collar caseload included identity theft, counterfeiting of U.S. currency, fictitious federal and state documents, and public assistance fraud.
•Prosecution required the ability to focus on several major cases concurrently while refining evidence and developing trial strategy in each.
•Served in the Insurance Fraud Unit of the Special Prosecution Division with statewide jurisdiction, coordinating with the Texas Department of Insurance.

December 2001Galveston, Texas
Assistant Criminal District Attorney
•Second-chaired felony jury trials as a misdemeanor prosecutor from 1993 to 1995.
•First-chair prosecution of major felonies began in January 1995. Violent crime caseload included murder, aggravated bank robbery, serial aggravated sexual assault, organized crime, narcotics trafficking, and public corruption. White-collar caseload included embezzlement by a public official, forgery, securing execution of a document by deception, and false entry in a governmental record.
•Chief prosecutor in district court from January 1999 until departure. Duties included first-chair trial of serious felonies, supervising other attorneys, and managing a caseload of over 300 pending felony indictments.
•On-call Intake Prosecutor from 1996 to 2001, coordinating on-scene criminal investigations. Directed on-scene investigations of several cases involving peace officer use of deadly force, later presenting these cases to grand juries.
•Evidentiary issues included DNA, trace, ballistics, handwriting analysis, media enhancement, and forensic medicine.

Washington, DC
•As a compensated intern, assisted in the international extradition of fugitives.
•Analyzed extradition treaties, researched cases, coordinated with European law enforcement authorities, and recommended courses of action to staff counsel.

Washington, DC
Management Analyst - Management and Planning Staff
•As a member of Management Planning and Review Group, served on study teams analyzing the USNCB-INTERPOL, Criminal Division, Tax Division, and Cuban-Haitian Entrance Program - formulating policy recommendations for senior Department officials. Focused on internal efficiency, accomplishment of organizational objectives, and consistency with broader Departmental policy goals.
•Proposed recommendations regarding the application of Executive Order 12637 (Productivity Improvement Program for the Federal Government) to the Department’s litigation environment.
•While on detail to the Department’s Budget Staff, served as lead analyst for the FY 1991 Congressional budget submission of the USNCB-INTERPOL.

Doctor of Jurisprudence, May 1992 (Admitted to the State Bar of Texas, November 1992)

TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, College Station, Texas
Bachelor of Science, Political Science, Minor in Business Management, December 1987
Corps of Cadets Graduate, Platoon Leader

ACHIEVEMENTSMaster Thesis Reader, National Intelligence University, DIA, 2014-2015
Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, ACAMS, 2014-Present
Certificate of Appreciation, CJIATF-Shafafiyat, NATO ISAF, 2013
Certificate of Appreciation, INL, U.S. Department of State, 2007
Outstanding Attorney, Office of the Attorney General of Texas, 2006
Faculty Advisor, Texas District and County Attorneys Association, 2003
Distinguished Service Award, Galveston Co. Criminal District Attorney’s Office, 2001
Board Certified, Criminal Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization, 1999-Present
Women’s Crisis Center of Galveston, Certificate of Appreciation, 1999
State Bar of Texas Representative, University of Houston Law Center, 1991-1992
Outstanding Performance Appraisal, U.S. Department of Justice, 1989
Special Achievement Award, U.S. Department of Justice, 1988

PRESENTATIONS Keynote Speaker, ROL Interagency Planning and Implementation Team (IPIT), June 2011
RCS Rule of Law Strategy in the Context of Transition
Speaker, ISAF ROL Rehearsal of Course (ROC) Drill, Kabul, Afghanistan, May 2010
RCS Rule of Law Strategy
Keynote Speaker, Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council, Southern District of Texas, July 2006
Money Laundering and Financing Criminal Activity
Keynote Speaker, Texas District and County Clerks Association, January 2006
Recognizing and Addressing Extremist Anti-Government Activity
Drafted the Comments of the Attorney General of Texas,
Methamphetamine Summit of the National Council of Western Attorneys General, 2005
Texas Law Enforcement Perspective on Methamphetamine Interdiction

CLEARANCE Current TS/SCI (U.S. Department of Defense originated

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