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Hon. Robert E. Freer, Jr.

Free Enterprise Foundation
Co-Founder RNLA
Regular Member
PO Box 21569
Charleston, SC 29413

Phone: 843-953-4944
Fax: 843-953-6764
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Law School: Virginia (1966)

Practice Areas:

Prof. Robert E. Freer, Jr.
Free Enterprise Foundation
Office: 345 Bond Hall,
School of Business Administration,
The Citadel,
171 Moultrie St
Charleston, SC 29409

Phone: 843-953-4944
Fax: 843-953-6764
Web Site:
Law School: Virginia (1966)
College: Princeton (1963)

President & CEO 2002-Present Free Enterprise Foundation
Serve as the President and CEO of this independent nonpartisan institute dedicated to preserving and publicizing the best in Free Enterprise. The Foundations goals are the continuing education of the public on the vital role of free enterprise in securing the blessings of liberty, and the creation of enterprise excellence consistent with the highest standards of ethics and civic responsibility through best practices. Located in Charleston, SC, the foundation has set for itself a national goal of serving as a catalyst to encouraging an ever rising standard of enterprise excellence consistent with long accepted notions of enterprise responsibility and adherence to fundamental principles.

Visiting Professor (2004- ) and John S. Grinalds Leader in Residence (2005-6) School of Business Administration, The Citadel, Charleston, SC and member Citadel General Awards Committee (2004-2005) Adjunct professor, Charleston School of Law 2006-

Special Public Policy Correspondent, Charleston Mercury, 2005-

Consultant /Investment Banker/ Attorney, 2000-2002
As a consultant served as principle strategic advisor to the CEO and the Board of Directors of ASCII Technology Holdings, Inc., ATH owns the ASCII Group Inc and the Internet software development company; TechnologyNet, Inc. ASCII is the worlds largest independent group of information technology (IT) value added resellers (VARs). TechnologyNet has created for ASCII application software that has added valuable new sources of scaleable revenue to the Company model.

*Restructured the two operating companies through mergers creating a Delaware holding company.

*Through three substantial formal rounds and several informal financings, maintained financial viability of TechnologyNet.

*Negotiated significant discounts in TechnologyNet payables and conversion of large denomination debt instruments to equity, permitting mergers to proceed and surviving company to continue virtually debt free.

Board/Executive Committee, 1997-2002 Natural Solutions Corporation (Formerly Ice Ban) Rescued Ice Ban Corporation by finding required funding and the implementation of strong supportive board leadership.

*Restructured the Corporation with new Charter and bylaws, secured experienced management and Board of Directors.

*Obtained a multi million operating fund and transfer of corporate control to experienced operator in new location.

*Drafted and obtained passage of measure authorizing 90% funding by States from Federal Highway funds for use of Company?s product on bridges, elevated roadways and approaches.

Partner, Senior Partner, President or Secretary
Barnett & Alagia, 1985-89
Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler, 1989-91
Freer & Alagia et al P.C., 1991-97
Baise, Miller & Freer, P.C., 1997-2000

Private Practice of law for my own clients including, Amstar Corporation, M&M Mars, Ice Ban, Inc., Churchill Ltd, Colgate Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Praxis Biologics, Warren Car & Tank, Trans World Express, The U.S, Cuba Business Council, Regent University, David Hamilton Smith Investments, and Flight International.

Practice was largely Federal Agency and legislative based and included: Obtaining early termination of waiting period for multi million dollar merger of Praxis into American Cyanamid; duty drawback for millions of dollars in imports; defending client in federal criminal prosecution in duty drawback proceeding and obtaining millions in moiety for diverted product recovered by federal prosecution of guilty parties; drafting of major legislation amending Federal Highway statute worth millions to client; counseling clients on Robinson-Patman compliance; drafting major statute in international relations area and counseling House and Senate committees re same; Successful representation of major advertisers in FTC proceedings and continuing anti-trust counseling of several major clients.

Vice President, 1974-1984 Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Senior corporate officer responsible for regulatory compliance, governmental relations, and energy and environmental management. Also served as General Counsel.

*Directed all state and federal government relations
*Drafted significant comments to FDA on Medical device amendments largely adopted by Agency.
*Led Company response to Toxic Shock crisis and succeeded by our prompt actions in largely eliminating negative effects on Company
*Obtained Federal clearance for $350,000,000 sale of significant Timber holdings in California at height of market value.
*Led legal team implementing decision to create Midwest Express as regulated air carrier and represented the Company before the CAB. Airline created without use of outside resources at substantial savings to Company and has operated profitably since both before and since it was spun out as a public entity.
*Led legal team creating Integrated Services Corporation (ISC) as a regulated Common carrier for all commodities in 39 states and DC.
*Led successful industry response to dumping in U.S. of kraft capacitor tissue and represented Company before the ITC in this fully litigated matter and before the full Commission on several others.
*Managed corporate energy resources and ensured compliance with all state and federal environmental requirements.
*Company fully complied with and was a leader in environmentally focused operation of its business. There were no fines for effluent limitations violations during my tenure.

Executive Assistant to the General Counsel, 1971-74 U.S. Department of Transportation
Served as the senior assistant to the General Counsel of the Department in the management of the Department in the delivery of legal services, served as the primary contact on Coast Guard Judge Advocate General reviews and the correction of military records; represented the department before the Interstate Commerce Commission in the revision of consumer protection rules in the Household moving industry, served as the office liaison with the Chief Counsels of the Department?s modal agencies.

Advertising Examiner, Trial Attorney, 1964-71 U.S. Federal Trade Commission
Assistant to the Chairman, Liaison Officer, & Assistant to the General Counsel
Served as a trial attorney in both the Consumer protection and Anti competitive practice areas of the Commission?s responsibility, selected as a legal advisor to Chairman Weinberger and subsequently Miles Kirkpatrick, represented the Commission in negotiating its liaison agreements with sister agencies and on Capitol Hill. (Case Appendix available upon request) Recipient, Distinguished Service Award.

Chairman & CEO, 1988-2005, Lawyers for the Republic
Co-founded and chaired this organization that supports various voting rights activities including the preservation of minority rights in reapportionment.
*Sponsors the Ronald Reagan Award for Excellence in Law and Public Policy.
*Ran the Fairness for the 90s project, which raised over 3 million dollars and provided data and software to minority groups interested in electoral redistricting. Extensive data was given to Harvard after redistricting for 1990 was concluded. Foundation also...
* Supported the creation of "Finding Our Roots; Facing Our Future: America in the Twenty First Century". Book was published in 1997 by Madison Books and continues to be available for sale nationally, and is used as the core text in a college level course.

Board of Governors, 1985-2000 The Republican National Lawyers Association
Co-founded this group and directed its expansion into a national organization with more than 1,500 members. Served as its first general counsel. Also served as Assistant General Counsel of the 1984,88,92, and 1996 Republican National Conventions.

Board Member, 1979-1984 Washington Metropolitan Area Corporate Counsels Association
President, 1979-1981
Founded this association and served as its first president which grew to a membership of 450 corporate attorneys in two years. It is now a chapter of the American Corporate Counsel?s Association.

Chairman Emeritus, 1994-Present Washington Episcopal School
Chairman & CEO, 1986-1994
Designed and directed the start-up operations of this blue-ribbon nursery-grade 8 school, guiding its growth from minimum assets to a serviceable endowment and an excellent reputation in the community.
*Completed the licensure, staffing, planning, and tax clearance for the 501(c)(3) status of the school and enrolled 91 students in less than six months. Today the school has over 310 students and 53 faculty and owns its own building
*During my eight years as its Chairman, we had 100% annual giving and succeeded in operating on cash flow without any borrowing whatsoever.

Commissioner, 1983-93 President?s Commission on White House Fellowship
Appointed by President Reagan and reappointed by President George H.W. Bush. We selected and supported Fellows for Service as Assistants for Cabinet Officers and other senior staff of the Administration. Fellows were selected for one year on merit and on a non-partisan basis in conjunction with other commissioners. As I was resident in Washington, it also became my job to assist Fellows in placement related issues.

Board Member, 1986-94: Asst Sec 1989-90;The Corcoran Gallery of Art
Secretary 1990-92; and Chairman of the Bylaws
Committee 1992 and Chairman of the Policy Committee 1993-4
Served in critical leadership of the Gallery at a time of great challenge. Led changes in Board structure and Gallery policies that resulted in the revitalization of this internationally acclaimed institution.


*Juris Doctorate, University of Virginia 1966
*Bachelor of Arts, Princeton University 1963

*Supreme Court of Virginia (June 6, 1966)
*U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (January 26, 1968)
*U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (May 1, 1969)
*U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (November 26, 1973)
*U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (December 11, 1973)
*United States Supreme Court (June 11, 1973)
*United States Court of Federal Claims (December 19, 1986)
*U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia (January 19, 1990)

Associate member South Carolina Bar (2007-) Certified Mediator (2007-)

*NASDAQ, Series 65, registered investment advisor (Oct., 1999)

*Department of Defense, National Industrial Security Program,
*Top Secret clearance, November 1, 1996-


BOOKS: *Editor and Contributor: Finding Our Roots Facing Our Future, Madison Books 1997.

Author: Citadel Values, Special edition for The Corps, 8/07 commercial release October 07, BookSurge LLC.


*The Federal Trade Commission - A Study in Survival (26 Bus. Lawyer 1505), July, 1971.
*FDA-FTC Discretionary Regulation Under the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act(27 Bus. Lawyer 581),January, 1982.
FDA-FTC Liaison, Teamwork That Pays Off(26 Food Drug Cosmetic L.J. 439, (1971), reprinted from the April 1971 issue of FDA Papers (5 FDA Papers 4).
*(A Review) Transportation Regulations - A revision of Tedrow's Earlier Work by Marvin L. Fair and John Guandolo (66 L.L.J. 325), (1973).
*Pre-Appointment Review of Appointments to the Regulatory Commissions, memorandum with Professor Ernest Gellhorn for the Antitrust Section of the ABA, approved and forwarded to the House of Delegates (4/12/77/).
*Assuring Competence in Federal Agency Appointments, with Professor Ernest Gellhorn (65 ABA Journal 218) (February, 1979).
*Contract CounselAn Alternative to the High Cost of Corporate Legal Services. National Law Journal, October 21, 1985, P. 14.
*Assessing the Future in Environmental Liability Coverage; with Robert S. Faron based on my remarks before the 24th Annual Meeting of the Risk and Insurance Management Society; Bureau of National Affairs, 1 Toxics Law Reporter 52 (June 18, 1986).
*Risk Mechanisms: Escalators and Public Safety, with Cyndra Harvey Van Clief, Journal of Products Liability, Vol. 11, pp. 319-333 (1988).
The Significance of Restitution in the Economic Recovery of Cuba, prepared for the Blue Ribbon Committee on the Reconstruction of Cuba, May 25, 1993.
*Expropriation: United States Claimants; Rights and the Future of Cuba, published in 1994 edition of the University of Miami Yearbook of International Law.
*Restitutions Role in the Recovery of the Cuban Economy, prepared for the conference on The Future of the Sugar Industry in a Free Cuba, July 15, 1994.
*Helms-Burton: Myths & Reality, prepared for the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy, August, 1995.
*Towards Cuba's Economic Recovery: Restitutions Role, prepared for the Conference on the Role of the Sugar Industry in the Economic Reconstruction of a Free Cuba, December 8, 1995.
*Towards an International Property Rights Treaty; prepared for the Fourth Conference of the Cuba Sugar Industry Institute, December 13, 1997.
*Paper presented: Sarbanes-Oxley, The Law of Unintended Consequences, with Dr. Liz W. Arnold, to The 2007 Oxford Conference on Business and Economics, June 2007


* Note to Europe: Squeeze Castro;, Journal of Commerce, 5/23/96.
*Helms-Burton Can Aid Cuba, Journal of Commerce, 7/25/96.
*The Myth of Helms-Burton, The Globe and Mail (Toronto), 8/8/96.
* Home Rule Was a Big Mistake, Washington Post, 9/22/96.
* U.S. Should Stay the Course on Cuba, Journal of Commerce, 10/11/96.
* President Bush Finishing Churchils War; Charleston Post & Courier, 3/27/03
* Then and Now. Forbes, page 32, 4/28/03
* Church-State Wall is a Recent Fiction, Charleston Post & Courier, 5/8/03
* Put Senate Filibusters in Check, Charleston Post and Courier, Page 13A 9/3/03
*We Must Embrace a Global Economy; Florida Times-Union 11/25/04
* Social Security Reform Long Overdue; Charleston Mercury 04/15/05
* The Law of Unintended Consequences: Thy Name is Sarbanes Oxley,
Charleston Mercury, 4/28/05, p. 13
* Give, but Give Wisely, Charleston Mercury P.25 4/28/05
* Thriving in the New Economy, Charleston Mercury, 5/12/05 p.12
* Advise and Consent, Please! , Charleston Mercury 6/9/05 p. 13
* Tax Reform Charleston Mercury, 6/23/05 P. 13
* Getting Rid of Pork, Charleston Mercury, 7/7/05 p.16
* Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor ... Charleston Mercury 7/21/05 p.13
* Nor May Private Property... Charleston Mercury, 8/4/05 P.13
* The Long Gray Line, Charleston Mercury, 8/18/05 p.11
* No Mans Life, Liberty or Property... Charleston Mercury, 9/1/05, p.16
* My Mother Used to Say, Charleston Mercury, 9/15/05, P.16
* Stairway to the Stars, Charleston Mercury, 9/29/05, P.16
* Meeting the Global Challenge, Charleston Mercury, 10/13/05, p.16
* Whats the Fuss?, Charleston Mercury, 10/27/05, p.16
* Let Their Voices Be Heard, Charleston Mercury, 11/10/05, p.16
* American Anthem, Charleston Mercury, 11/24/05, p.16
* Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus, Charleston Mercury, 12/8/05, p16
* Katrina Christmas, Charleston Mercury, 12/22/05, P.16
* To Nano or Not to Nano, Charleston Mercury, 1/5/06 p.12
* Be it Resolved, Charleston Mercury, 1/19/06, P.16
* The Best Friend of Charleston, Charleston Mercury, 2/2/06 P.16
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* Regaining its Balance, a Supreme Court Voyage, The Charleston Mercury, 3/2/06 P.16
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* Churchills Peace (II), The Charleston Mercury, 4/13/06 P.16
* Nationl Resource Development: Priority #1, The Charleston Mercury, 4/27/06 P. 16
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* Leaders of Principle; The Charleston Mercury, 01/18/07. p.16
* Pandoras Box, The Charleston Mercury, 02/01/07, p.16
* Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places; The Charleston Mercury, 02/15/07, p.16
* Fortitude and The Future of Iraq,The Charleston Mercury, 03/01/07, p.16
* Shift Happens, The Charleston Mercury, 03/15/07, p.16
* Generational Heritage; The Charleston Mercury, 03/29/07 p.16
* Best of Times, Worst of Times, The Charleston Mercury, 04/12/07, p.16
* No Man is an Island, The Charleston Mercury, 04/26/07, p.16
* Myths and Reality II, The Charleston Mercury, 05/12/07, p16
* Commencement,The Charleston Mercury, 05/26/07, p.16
* Old Glory,The Charleston Mercury, 06/07/07, p.16
* Birds on the Campaign, Elephants in The Living Room, Charleston Mercury, 06/21/07, p.16
* Whats a Conservative to Do? The Charleston Mercury, 07/05/07, p.16
* Heroes, The Charleston Mercury, O7/19,07, p.16
* Duty Honor Country,The Charleston Mercury, 08/02/07, p.16
* Let Me Entertain You, The Charleston Mercury, 08/16/07, p.16


*Member, Department of Education's Civil Rights Reviewing Authority, 1991.
*Captain of the Land Team of the President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control in the Federal Government, 1982-83.
*Member, Administrative Conference of the United States, 1981-1986.
*Founder, President and Chairman of the Board (1980, 1981), Washington Metropolitan Area Corporate Counsel Association, Inc. (WMACCA) made up of corporate counsel representing more than 150 corporations in the Washington metropolitan are. Continued as a member of its Board of Directors through 1983.
*Arbitrator, National Panel, American Arbitration Association, 1980-1996.
*Chairman, A.B.A. Sub-Committee on Corporate Law Department Profitability Section of Economics of Law Practice (1981-1983). Chairman, Corporate Governance Subcommittee, ABA Section of Business, Banking and Corporation Law.(1980-2)
*Member, Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee, U.S. Chamber of Commerce (1976-1982). FTC Steering Group and the Chamber's Administrative Law Council. Member Public Affairs Committee (1992- ).
*Member, NAM Tax Committee (1974-1979) and Chairman, NAM Sub-Committee on Corporate Governance (1978-1979).
*Member, Sub-Committee on Competition of Federal Trade Commission Committee, Antitrust Section, American Bar Association.
*Executive Committee, Forest Industries Committee on Timber Valuation & Taxation (1977-1980). Also Technical Advisory Committee (1974-1984).
*Rotary Club of Washington (1972-1977, 1985-1988).Rotary Club of Charleston (2004-) Paul Harris Fellow (2005) Member, group study exchange with West Germany (May-July, 1968); formally presented to the Supreme Court of Germany (July 2, 1968). Chairman, Hub Club Exchange Committee (1974-1975). Chairman, Rotary Foundation Committee (1975-1976).
*Deputy Chairman, Transportation Council, Federal Bar Association (1972-1977).
*Nominated for and attended the United States Army War College - National Security Seminar, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, 1999
*Member, Advisory Board, Miami Medical Team Foundation 1997-


*Founder and Chairman, now Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees, Washington Episcopal School, 1986-present.
*Chairman, Board of Visitors, Regent University School of Law. 1994-2004
*Member, Board of Trustees, Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1986-1993. Chairman, Annual Fund Drive 1987-89. Chairman, By Laws Committee, 1990. Assistant Secretary 1990, Secretary 1991-92, Elected Charter Trustee 1990. Institutional Policy Committee 1991-1993, Chairman 1991.
*Member, Men's Committee, Alexander Graham Bell Society for the Deaf, 1986-2000. Chairman, 1991.
*Member of the Committee, Children's Hearing and Speech Center of the National Children's Hospital Medical Center.
*Chairman, American Film Institute Steering Committee Centennial of Film Celebration 1992-93.
*Chairman Host Committee U.S.O. Christmas Gala 1992
*Member Parents Council, College of Charleston, 1996- and Chairman, 2000-2002


*National Co-Chairman 1988 and State Chairman (Md.) 1986, 1987, The President's Dinner. Member, Finance Committee, Maryland State Republican Party, 1986-1989.

*Member, Board of Governors, General Counsel and Chairman of the Nominating Committee, Republican National Lawyers Association 1985-1989, 1992-* Vice Chairman, 1988-1989, 1992-. Chairman, Republican National Lawyers Association Convention, 1988.

*National Chairman, Corporate Counsel for Reagan-Bush 1984, member, Reagan-Bush '84 Legal Advisory Board. Assistant General Counsel, Republican National Convention, 1988, 1996, Assistant Counsel and Assistant Sergeant at Arms, 1992. Lawyers for Bush-Quayle National Advisory Board, 1988, 1992, Associate Executive Director - Issues, Lawyers for Bush-Quayle and Member Civil Justice Reform Task Force. Co-Chairman, American Bicentennial Presidential Inaugural Ball, 1989.

*Senior Advisor on Pre-transition Planning, Reagan for President Campaign (1980) (Casper W. Weinberger, Edwin Meese III).

*Founder and Coordinator (1977-1980), National Issues Luncheon Group made up of young Republicans who held Senior Policy positions in the Nixon and Ford Administrations.

*NASD Series 65 Examination and registration as an Investment Advisor: October, 1999

*North Carolina Society of the Cincinnati
*Commander, Order of St. John
*Chevy Chase Club
*Metropolitan Club of the City of Washington

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