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Mr. David H. Hugel

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Annandale, VA 22003-4044

Phone: 202 366-8580
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Law School: University of Baltimore School of Law (1973)

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Mr. David H. Hugel

A Vietnam veteran, Mr. Hugel received his Juris Doctor degree and Master of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Baltimore.

Since graduating from law school, he has served with distinction in a wide variety of prominent positions furthering the causes of highway and public safety. Mr. Hugelís earlier positions include serving as an Assistant Stateís Attorney for Baltimore County, Assistant Counsel for Northwestern Universityís Traffic Institute, and as Marylandís first Stateís Attorneyís Coordinator.

Currently Mr. Hugel is a consultant to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, assisting with the implementation of recent Congressionally mandated changes to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Prior to that, he worked closely with the Federal Highway Administrationís Office of Motor Carriers on its Zero Base Rulemaking project, a comprehensive review and revision of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations; coordinated a FHWA funded project to develop training for prosecutors and judges to familiarize them with legal issues associated with the enforcement of federal commercial motor vehicle regulations; drafted model laws for the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances; and revised a chapter in a legal reference work published by Matthew Bender & Co.

Mr. Hugel served for eight years as Legal Counsel and Director of Government Affairs for the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, an association of state and provincial officials responsible for administration and enforcement of motor vehicle laws, licensing and regulations in the United States and Canada. During his tenure with the association he was recognized by the Secretary of Transportation for his leadership on the advisory committee that developed nation-wide disabled parking standards, and by the Federal Highway Administration for coordinating the development of model State legislation to implement the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986. He was also recognized by the Intelligent Vehicle Highway Society of America, (currently known as ITS-America) for his service as the first chair of a Legal Issues Committee created to identify and explore potential legal challenges to the development of new transportation technology.

As Maryland's first Stateís Attorneyís Coordinator Mr. Hugel served as liaison between twenty-four county prosecutorsí offices and the State legislature, and county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. In this capacity, he represented Maryland prosecutors on the Governorís Anti-Arson Task Force, the Judicial Conference Sentencing Guidelines Commission, and worked closely with the Reagan Administrationís Department of Justice. Mr, Hugel held this office for nearly ten years. During this period he was the recipient of a Governorís Citation for service on the Governorís Task Force on the Drinking Driver, and a Certificate of Appreciation from the Maryland State Police in recognition of contributions to enhancing the professionalism of Marylandís criminal justice system.

Mr. Hugel has lectured extensively on criminal justice and highway safety legal issues for the American Bar Association, National College of District Attorneys, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, National Judicial College, Transportation Research Board, U.S. Department of Justice, and before numerous state judicial, prosecution and law enforcement seminars. He authored the 1980 revised edition of The Evidence Handbook, published by Northwestern Universityís Traffic Institute, and a chapter tracing the history of the Constitutionís Double Jeopardy Clause as applied to criminal cases in the Defense of Drunk Driving Cases, published by Matthew Bender & Co. in 1996. He has also authored numerous articles which have appeared in professional journals in the United States and Canada.

A lifelong Republican, Mr. Hugel played an active role during the 2000 presidential campaign as a member of the Virginia Veterans for Bush Committee during this yearís Virginia Republican Presidential Primary, and assisted the Bush campaign with election day activities for the Delaware presidential primary. During the general election he remained active as a member of both the Veterans and Lawyers for Bush-Cheney committees. During the recent Virginia primary, he worked closely with Virginia Lieutenant Governor John Hager's campaign staff on numerous events and was a Hager delegate at the State GOP Convention last June.

He is currently a member of the Republican National Committee's President's Club, the Republican National Lawyers Associationís Board of Directors, and Northern Virginia Republican Business Forumís Business Advisory Board.

He served as a member of Maryland Gubernatorial candidate Ellen Sauerbreyís Transportation Advisory Committees during her 1998 campaign where he assisted in revising the campaign transportation position paper, and provided information on several current transportation issues including intelligent transportation technology. Mr. Hugel was a delegate to the 1994 Virginia Republican US Senate Nominating Convention, and the 1993 Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Nominating Convention. In the past he has served as a volunteer media consultant for Congressman Larry Hoganís 1974 campaign for the Maryland Republican gubernatorial nomination, and press secretary for Stanley Blairís 1970 gubernatorial campaign. A public relations volunteer for Spiro Agnewís 1966 gubernatorial campaign, and the 1968 Nixon-Agnew campaign in Maryland, Mr. Hugel was named Director of Public Relations for the Maryland Inaugural Activities Committee by Vice President- Elect Agnew.

In November 2001 Mr. Hugel was appointed as a member of the Virginia Veterans Affairs Board by Governor Jim Glimore. He is an active member of several veterans related organizations including the Marine Corps Association, Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association, and Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, which in 1997 awarded him their Heritage Award for his longtime contributions to the Foundation. Mr. Hugel has written several articles on his various Marine Corps experience during the early nineteen sixties.

Mr. Hugel lives in Fairfax County with his wife, Susan Gell Hugel. They have two sons, John, a business student at Virginia Commonwealth University, and Robert, a music major at the University of Central Florida.

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