ICYMI Democrats' Running Caucuses: A History of Incompetence and Suppression Allegations

While the Iowa Caucus debacle played out as a national embarrassment to the Democrat Party, the Nevada caucus also had problems according to Mayor Pete Buttitieg’s campaign:

In the letter [from Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign], a copy of which was obtained by The Nevada Independent, the campaign says that the process of integrating early votes on Caucus Day was “plagued with errors and inconsistencies” and that the campaign had received more than 200 incident reports from precincts around the state, including “a few dozen” relating to how the early vote data was folded in. 

Those issues, according to the campaign, include early vote data not being delivered or delivered after the caucus began, early votes not being used to calculate viability or the strength of each preference group, early votes being allocated to the wrong candidate and, in at least one case, early vote data from the wrong precinct being used.

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ICYMI: Voter ID=Suppression is a Myth, According to New Survey

According to Politico, citing a sweeping survey by the Knight Foundation, “voter suppression” is a myth.  While Politico does not put it exactly that way, here is a key paragraph that makes that point:

Democratic campaign committees and activist groups have been spending millions of dollars to fight against a range of legal obstacles on voting, believing that making voter registration easier and keeping polls open longer would inspire more Americans to turn out.

But to nonvoters themselves, those issues don’t seem to be at the forefront of their minds . . .

Structural issues such as voter ID laws and difficulty accessing polling places didn’t come up enough to even be marked in the Knight survey results. 

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ICYMI: Important Donor Privacy Hearing

A couple weeks ago the IRS held a hearing on the “Reporting Requirements of Exempt Organizations.”  This hearing is especially timely in light of the rise of the violent Bernie Bros which was an issue in last night’s Democrat debate.  Retribution against supporters of issue groups on the opposite side of the spectrum is on the rise.  As Allen Dickerson of the Institute for Free Speech wrote in their official comments:

A 2017 poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that “more than half of Americans say the political polarization of the nation is extremely or very threatening, and another 34 percent say it is moderately threatening” to the American way of life.

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MSNBC's Former Favorite Lawyer is Going to Prison

We don’t want to celebrate someone being found guilty of extortion.  That said, it is worth remembering that Michael Avenatti was talked about as a Democratic Presidential candidate and a serious lawyer who appeared 121 times on CNN and 108 on MSNBC criticizing the President.  He was fired by adult film actress Stormy Daniels but his worst political effort may have been his false attacks on Justice Brett Kavanaugh regarding Julie Swetnick’s “rape train” allegations.

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ERA is Dead and Should Remain Dead

On behalf of RNLA, our Co-Chair Harmeet Dhillion signed onto a letter by the Independent Women’s Voice(IWV) opposing the “zombied” Equal Rights Amendment(ERA). As we wrote previously the current effort to revive the Equal Rights Amendment is invalid and Unconstitutional.  The IWV letter agrees but also lays out why the underlying amendment is bad policy:

ERA proponents claim the amendment is necessary to guarantee equality of the sexes—but the Constitution of the United States already guarantees equality for all Americans. In America today, there are no rights that men enjoy that women do not.


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Thoughts on Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words is a great movie. I saw it this weekend and came away with three thoughts, none of which are on his legal philosophy, which is just touched on in the movie. But two of them are very relevant for today.

The first is more personal, though. Clarence Thomas overcame extreme poverty and a broken home. That point is driven home by the story of when he first moved into his Grandfather’s house, his brother and Clarence were fascinated by the flush toilet. His Mom was not much in his life and father not at all. Yet Clarence was a hard worker and great student.
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ICYMI: ERA Advocates, like Iowa Caucus Democrats, Don’t Know How to Count

As the DNC Chair Tom Perez calls for a recanvass of the Iowa Caucus goes, advocates for the Equal Rights Amendment are even more “math confused.”  

As Wikipedia describes it(emphasis added): 

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is or was a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution designed to guarantee equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex. 

There should be no doubt, the life of the ERA has expired.  As National Review writes:

When Congress originally submitted the ERA to the states for ratification in 1972, it gave it a March 1979 deadline. Deadlines have been a common feature of amendments, one the Supreme Court unanimously declared permissible in 1921. The ERA didn’t get enough states to ratify it before that deadline. Congress then, by a simple majority, purported to extend the deadline for three years — an act declared unconstitutional by the only court to review it. (It takes a two-thirds supermajority, the kind the ERA got in 1972, to submit an amendment for ratification.) The ERA didn’t get ratified by the new, dubious deadline, either. At that point, in 1982, everyone — including the Supreme Court — acknowledged that the amendment was dead.

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Impeachment Proves that Democrats Do Not Accept the Results of Elections They Lose

The Democrats' latest attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the 2016 election is finally done.  Impeachment is over. 

As White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham stated (emphasis added):  

In what has now become a consistent tradition for Democrats, this was yet another witch-hunt that deprived the President of his due process rights and was based on a series of lies.  Rep. Adam Schiff lied to Congress and the American people with a totally made up statement about the President’s phone call.  Will there be no retribution?  Speaker Nancy Pelosi also lied to the American people about the need to swiftly pass impeachment articles they dreamt up, only to sit on them for a month before sending over to the Senate.  In the Senate, the Democrats continued to make their political motivations clear – Rep. Schiff proclaimed the issues “cannot be decided at the ballot box” – proving once again they think they know better than the voters of this country.  This entire effort by the Democrats was aimed at overturning the results of the 2016 election and interfering with the 2020 election.

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Reliance on Unproven App Mars Iowa's Democratic Caucuses

Democrats looked forward to the first results in their 2020 presidential primary yesterday.

Preliminary results have not been released due to widespread problems with an app designed for reporting precinct-level results to the state party. (The "majority" of results are supposed to be released around 5:00 Eastern today.) Some local leaders could not download or run the app, and there were issues even with those who could use it to report:

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Will DNC Change Rules to Prevent Sanders Nomination?

We chronicled the Democratic National Committee's efforts and alleged activity to prevent Senator Bernie Sanders from becoming the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee (here, here, and here). As the Iowa caucuses meet tonight and according to recent reports, it may happen again in 2020 as DNC insiders consider reviving superdelegates' primary role at the DNC Convention:

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