Never Forget it Was Biden Who Broke the Senate on Judges

President Trump was extremely successful in having placed 234 Article III Judges, including 3 Supreme Court Justices.  His record of working with the Senate to confirm outstanding Judicial nominees stands in strong contrast to the record of then Senators Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 

Biden was one of 22 senators who voted against [Chief Justice John] Roberts [who will swear him in tomorrow] in 2005. . . .

Roberts is far from the only justice whose confirmation Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris opposed. Biden, who was a senator from Delaware for more than 35 years, also voted not to confirm Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Harris, a California senator, cast votes against the nominations of the three Trump appointees to the high court: Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

It’s the first time in American history that the incoming president and vice president have together voted against a majority of the court.

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ICYMI: RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Reelected

On January 8th, Ronna McDaniel was reelected unanimously as Chair of the Republican National Committee. McDaniel's term will last for two years.

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Worries About Garland's DOJ Underscored by the Records of Fellow DOJ Nominees

The nomination of D.C. Circuit Judge Merrick Garland to be U.S. Attorney General has been hailed as a moderate pick for the incoming Biden Administration. However, as Hans von Spakovsky pointed out in a Fox News op-ed this past weekend, Garland may have his work cut out for him maintaining the nonpartisan ideals of the Department considering the other individuals that Joe Biden intends to nominate to join him at the Department — specifically, Vanita Gupta and Kristen Clarke.

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To the Left the Ayatollah & the CCP are Okay, But Parler is Not

Parler, a conservative-friendly social media platform of more than ten million users, was effectively removed from the internet Sunday night after Amazon's Web Services terminated the platform from its cloud services.  Prior to its termination, Apple and Google, who together possess nearly all of the OS market, removed Parler from their app stores. 

How does this even happen?

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Georgia Election: RNLA Efforts and “Independent” Voter Suppression

RNLA staff, members, and leaders from other states such as Florida all went to Georgia to help with “Election Day Operations” (EDO) or efforts to ensure the Georgia election was open, fair and honest. Although the term of art is “EDO”, RNLA-related efforts have been going on for weeks. 

RNLA was one of the leaders of an effort that was described as follows:

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Rep. Miller-Meeks Officially Seated for IA CD-2; Dems Should Give Up

Representative Miller-Meeks was officially sworn into the 117th Congress on Sunday to represent Iowa's 2nd Congressional District. Still, Democrats refuse to concede an election that Rep. Miller-Meeks rightfully won.

Rep. Miller-Meeks' losing opponent, Democrat Rita Hart, filed a federal election contest in the U.S. House of Representatives calling on the Democratic majority to overturn Rep. Miller-Meeks' victory. Unsurprisingly, liberal attorney Marc Elias is representing Hart in her effort to overturn the will of Iowa's voters. Elias spent much of 2020 using the legal system to wreak havoc on elections on behalf of his clients. He is also currently involved in ongoing litigation regarding the Georgia Senate runoffs.

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RNLA's Top Blog Posts of 2020: Part 2

RNLA's blog covered a wide variety of topics in 2020. We hope you enjoy this recap of the top 5 blog posts of 2020!

ICYMI: "RNLA's Top Blog Posts of 2020: Part 1" can be read here.

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Clean Up of Voter Rolls in GA Blocked by Federal Court

Clean voter rolls are an important safeguard that protects the integrity of the electoral process. However, one federal judge in Georgia has ruled that several thousand voters who were scheduled to be removed from 2 counties' voter rolls should remain on the rolls ahead of Georgia's Senate runoffs. The catch — the ruling was handed down by U.S. District Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, the sister of one-time gubernatorial candidate and liberal activist Stacey Abrams.

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President Trump's Legacy is on the Line in GA: Loeffler and Perdue Key to Senate on January 5th

The victories of Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue on January 5th in the Georgia Senate runoffs are crucial for preserving President Donald Trump's legacy in one of the most critical areas — the federal judiciary. If their Democratic opponents win, Republicans will lose their majority in the U.S. Senate:

As the two Senate races loom, party control of the Senate hangs in the balance, with the upper chamber currently made up of 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats. If Democrats win both runoff elections, raising the total to 50-50, the Democrats will take control of the Senate, with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris serving as the tie-breaking vote.

Without a Republican majority in the Senate, there would be no safeguard in place to block President Joe Biden from appointing radical jurists to the federal bench.

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RNLA's Top Blog Posts of 2020: Part 1

2020 was a year like no other, and RNLA's blog featured a wide variety of topics including election law, judicial nominations, and the coronavirus pandemic. We hope you enjoy this recap of RNLA's top blog posts of 2020!

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