Day 1 of ACB Hearings, Democrats Try to Make it a Democrat Primary Forum on Healthcare

Earlier today, the Senate Judiciary Committee completed opening statements in the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett.  That needs to be said because, listening to Democrats, you would think it was a healthcare candidates' forum in New Hampshire.  (Hint their message was: "Trump bad, Obamacare good.")  RNLA live tweeted the hearing and will live tweet the Senators questioning of Judge Barrett over the next two days.  Below are some highlights from the RNLA’s Twitter (@thereplawyer) and others:


The Democrats main focus during today's hearing was, somehow, on how Judge Barrett was going to take away your healthcare.  

Republican Senators summed the Democrats' antics up well:

Senators Lee and Sasse basically gave a civics lesson, explaining that the Supreme Court is not the place for policy making.  Unfortunately it was a necessary point that needed to be made.  

The way to make the Court a policy making body is to "pack" the Court as President Franklin Roosevelt proposed. Nearly everyone used to reject this radical idea, including Vice President Biden as late as January of this year.  Now, we need Senator Sasse to point out what the goal of court packing is since Biden and other Democrats are attempting to alter the meaning of the phrase:

You may ask: "Was Judge Barrett discussed by Democrats during today's hearing?"  During the opening statements at hear own confirmation hearings, Judge Barrett was barely discussed at all.  A couple key points on that front:

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