Democrats Change the Election Laws for Partisan Advantage...Again

One of the fundamental differences between Democrats and Republicans is their views on election laws.  Republicans see elections laws as tool for a level playing field where the voters decide.  Democrats see elections laws as a tool for partisan advantage to set up an unbalanced playing field.  

We see the worst of this in blue states where Republicans have little power.  For example, in 2014 we saw the Democrats pass a special one-off same day registration law in Illinois to try to stop now-Governor Rauner from winning.   

Now in very blue California, they are trying again.  As AP is reporting:

California's political watchdog moved forward Thursday with a controversial change to a campaign finance rule that will help a Democratic state senator facing a recall.

Newman barely won last year in a district, mostly in Orange County, that has traditionally been represented by Republicans. His victory gave Democrats a supermajority, allowing them to raise taxes without GOP votes. The California Republican Party, anti-tax groups and talk radio hosts collected signatures to force a recall, citing Newman's support for a gas tax increase.

Democrats have fought hard to boost Newman's chances of surviving a potential recall. In addition to requesting the change in campaign finance rules, they slipped into the state budget a major change in the process for certifying signatures on recall petitions. The change was put on hold by a state appeals court.

Next time you read of Democrat support of new election laws, check their motivation.  It is likely less to do with voter suppression, dark money, or any other officially stated reasons.  It is most likely about tilting the playing field to their advantage and to take power away from the voters.