Democrats Prove They Are the Party of Racial and Gender Intolerance When It Comes to Judges

Liberal extremists and some Democrats are always finding reasons to oppose President Trump’s judicial nominees.  The reality is they are usually not mad for substantive reasons, but for political or worse reasons.  And these extremists won’t tolerate any dissent.  For example, as Thomas Jipping writes in Democrats take partisanship against judicial nominees to new level in Trump era:

The judicial confirmation process has gotten so twisted, so fast, that the Left is starting to eat its own. Freshman Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), for example, has already been attacked by progressives for supporting too many Trump judicial nominees. Yet one-third of her judicial confirmation votes this year have been NO.

To put that in perspective, it took the 10 longest-serving senators in American history a combined total of 135 years to cast as many votes against judicial nominees as Sinema has cast in less than one. Still, it’s not enough to satisfy the left.

Senator Sinema is hardly a conservative Democrat and is not even considered moderate.  Maybe Sinema remembers what Mike Davis tweeted out today looking back at the 2018 election:


People like Jipping and Davis and groups like the Article III Project, the Committee for Justice, and the Judicial Crisis Network have been necessary to combat the constant lies and groundless attacks of the left.  While we salute all their good work, today is Mike Davis’ birthday.  While Mike's fights with Michael Avenatti are interesting, we will focus on a fight Mike has been involved in that often gets overlooked: the Left’s attack on women and minority nominees.  As Davis’s group the Article III Project writes:

Democrats talk a lot about diversity, but Democrats opposed the confirmation of each of these highly qualified minority and women judicial nominees.

Why? Because, in the Democrats’ own outrageous words, these exceptional Americans are “especially dangerous” because of their sex or the color of  their skin.

The next “big” fight may be over Patrick Bumatay, a gay Filipino.  Will Democrats support this nominee with stellar legal qualifications or will they come up with thinly veiled reasons to oppose Mr. Bumatay, who would be the first gay circuit court judge in the country?  As Davis and another leader in fighting back, Ilya Shapiro, note: