Early Voting Has Already Begun, but VA Democrats are Still Trying to Change the Election Laws

The Democrats are at it again! The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has voted to request suspension of Virginia's witness signature requirement for absentee ballots. This move is significant because Fairfax is Virginia's most populous county with over 1 million residents.

Pat Herrity, the only Republican member of the Board, opposed the measure. InsideNoVa.com reported:

Herrity said that waiving the requirement would be a “blow to election integrity.” 

“Witness signatures are important as they provide another line of defense against voter fraud,” he added. “They've been deemed important enough by the General Assembly that they were reestablished outside the state of emergency.”

That's right, the Virginia General Assembly thought the witness signature requirement was so important that they made sure it remained even after a significant weakening of Virginia's election laws over the past few years.  After Democrats took control, they made 52 changes in 2020 and 18 changes so far in 2021.  Now that polling suggests a possible Republican victory, Fairfax County Democrats are seeking to remove one of the last major ballot integrity measures on the books!  Significantly, the state of emergency for COVID-19 ended in Virginia in June.

Herrity continued:

He also argued that waiving the requirement now would be “problematic” because early voting began in mid-September and many absentee ballots have already been mailed. 

“To do this in the middle of an election process in the name of COVID I think is nonsensical,” he said. 

Changing the rules of the game in the middle is not only unfair to voters but risks confusing them.

Just like the Democrats at the federal level pushing partisan power grabs like the Corrupt Politicians Act and H.R. 4, Virginia Democrats are willing to do whatever they can to alter the election system to favor their preferred outcome—even if it means applying election laws unevenly to voters.

If you are a lawyer in Virginia interested in volunteering for Election Integrity Operations on Tuesday, November 2nd and the days following, sign up here today!