Florida Governor Rick Scott to Speak at the RNLA Washington, D.C. Chapter Luncheon

The RNLA Is pleased to announce that Florida Governor Rick Scott will address our January D.C. Luncheon on January 27 at the Capitol Hill Club.

Governor Rick Scott is the 45th Governor of the great State of Florida.  As promised during his campaign, Scott is focused on creating jobs and turning Florida’s economy around.  After attending high school and community college, Gov. Scott enlisted in the United States Navy, where he served on active duty aboard the USS Glover as a radar man. The G.I. Bill enabled Gov. Scott to attend college and law school. While enrolled at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and working full-time at a local grocery store, Gov. Scott and Ann made their first significant foray into the business world by buying two Kansas City doughnut shops for Gov. Scott’s mother to manage. Following graduation from UMKC with a degree in business administration, Gov. Scott earned a law degree from Southern Methodist University.

Governor Scott is known as an innovator in business, health care, and politics.  His specialization was in health care mergers and acquisitions, and it was during his work on these transactions that he recognized how patients could be better served by improving hospital efficiency, lowering costs, and focusing on better outcomes.  Through his entrepreneurship, Gov. Scott developed a reputation in the health care industry for providing affordable, high quality care to patients.  As Governor, he brings a similar vision for quality and efficiency to benefit the people of Florida.

Governor Scott has been fighting for Florida by creating jobs and fighting to cut taxes. Since December 2010, Florida’s private sector has created more than 1 million jobs 

[Last] November, the private sector added 35,600 jobs across Florida, resulting in 1,011,800 new private sector jobs created in the last five years. Florida’s unemployment rate also dropped to 5.0 percent, the lowest in seven years. Florida’s annual private sector job growth rate, now at 3.6 percent, has exceeded that of the nation since April 2012.

In his budget proposal, Governor Scott has included priorities including a $1 billion tax cut, $250 million for economic development, and a health care transparency proposal.

The Florida First budget cuts $1 billion in taxes including permanently eliminating the income tax on manufacturing and retail businesses, permanently eliminating the tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment, cutting the tax on commercial leases, extending the sales tax exemption on college textbooks, and implementing a 10-day back-to-school sales tax holiday and a 9-day disaster preparedness sales tax holiday.

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