ICYMI - Effort to Remove Young Candidate from Ballot Exposes Democratic Corruption in Chicago

Allegations of election fraud and Democratic corruption continue to be alive and well in Chicago politics. David Krupa, a 19-year-old freshman at DePaul University, is attempting to expose the Chicago machine for its political and election corruption. Krupa is running for the 13th Ward alderman position in Chicago, against incumbent Marty Quinn. 

Krupa and his volunteers walked the ward and collected 1,702 valid signatures of residents; he was only required to file 473 valid signatures with the Chicago Board of Elections. Prior to him filing the 1,702 valid signatures, an organized crew of political workers went door to door with legal papers asking residents to sign an affadavit revoking their signature on Krupa's petition. The group of organized workers turned over 2,700 affadavit revocations to the Chicago Board of Elections. The Board's spokesman said:


The board has received a few revocations here and there in very rare electoral board cases over the years. . . . They're pretty rare, and no one can remember anything approaching this volume of filings in past cases. . . . For the board, the next step is to begin the hearings on all of the objections that have been filed against any candidates' nominating petitions. We can't speculate, though, on the legitimacy or any other legal questions about any of the objections or the corresponding petitions.


The thing is, the number of affidavit revocations received greatly exceeds the number of signatures gathered by Krupa. Therefore, this means that false affidavits were filed with the election board.


Which is a felony and exposes the fraud and perjury that exists in Chicago.


Krupa is not giving up and is going to fight the "machine." He has stated:


We certainly need to show the machine that they can't just bully people around anymore. I certainly believe there's election fraud committed, yes.


In the event that this causes him to be kicked off the ballot, he will take legal action, stating that:


If we get knocked off the ballot because of the election fraud that's happened here, we are 100 percent filing a federal lawsuit against Michael Madigan, Marty Quinn and every one of their precinct captains.


Krupa is young and committed to exposing the "machine" for the corruption, fraud, and deception that lies deep within Chicago Democratic politics.