Police Powerless to Stop Vote Fraud as Liberals Would Rather Prosecute Police For Trying

Many Democrats and their liberal supporters love to make unsubstantiated and wild claims of disenfranchisement and restricting access to voting.  These same folks have no interest in actually fixing elections.  Ironically the state that may prove this best, New York, is the home of the leading vote fraud deniers, MSNBC’s Al Sharpton and the Brennan Center.  And this is not a matter of a Republican group calling out Democrats. 

Recently Democrat New York City Councilman Ben Kallos went off

City Councilman Ben Kallos slammed the [New York City] Board of Elections on Wednesday for its blame-dodging response to a scathing Department of Investigation probe.

Kallos had told the board to hand in a plan on how it would fix problems identified by the Department of Investigation. Instead, officials sent in a response that dismissed most of department’s recommendations as outdated.

That scathing report, among other problems, showed how easy it was to impersonate a voter when the police did so with shocking ease

This is not an abstract problem as police just weeks before  witnessed an organized scheme to impersonate voters when they saw young kids actually impersonating voters. 

But here is the problem. 

The police can’t do anything about it.  The police who witnessed the voter impersonation could not act because it was not in their “purview.” 

The police who investigated the problems and reported on it, had their report turned over to the DA requesting the police be prosecuted.  As Councilman Kallos points out the City Board of Elections officials are literally doing nothing on the substance of the report. 


We give a lot of credit to Councilman Kallos for calling for action on the probe.  But the fact remains that because of the efforts of people like the Brennan Center and Al Sharpton, in New York the police are more likely to get into trouble for trying to stop vote fraud than the criminals are likely to be prosecuted for committing it.