Reactions by Republican Senators to President Trump's Supreme Court Nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch

Here are official reactions by some Senate Republicans to President Trump's nomination of Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Neil Gorsuch to Justice Scalia's seat on the Supreme Court: 

[Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on] Judge Neil Gorsuch 

“The president made an outstanding decision in his nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.  He has an impressive background and a long record of faithfully applying the law and the Constitution.  Judge Gorsuch understands the invaluable contribution to the federal judiciary and our democratic government made by the justice he is succeeding.  Like Justice Scalia, he understands the constitutional limits on the authority of a federal judge and that the duty of a judge is to apply the law even-handedly, without fear or favor, and not to rule based on one’s empathy with a party in a case.  

“When the Senate previously confirmed him to the appellate court, the bipartisan support in the Senate was so overwhelming, a roll call vote was not even required.  I hope Members of the Senate will again show him fair consideration and respect the result of the recent election with an up-or-down vote on his nomination, just like the Senate treated the four first-term nominees of Presidents Clinton and Obama.”

[Senate Judiciary Chairman] Grassley Statement on Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch 

“Judge Gorsuch is universally respected across the ideological spectrum as a mainstream judge who applies the law without regard to person or his own preferences.   By all accounts, he has a record of deciding cases based on the text of the Constitution and the law.  That’s important because in our system of government, Congress, not judges, make the laws.  I look forward to continuing to review his qualifications and to hearing from Judge Gorsuch himself about his approach to the law."

Barrasso Statement on Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch

“Judge Neil Gorsuch is widely respected for his extraordinary intellect and has impressive academic and legal credentials. I look forward to the Senate proceeding to the next step in this process by holding public hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will help provide a careful, thorough vetting of this nominee's record.”

Cornyn Statement on President Trump’s Supreme Court Announcement 

“Judge Gorsuch is an excellent choice to serve as our next Supreme Court Justice. A jurist of the highest caliber, he has served with distinction and a demonstrated commitment to the rule of law.

“The American people made clear last November that they wanted a judge who would interpret the law, not legislate from the bench. I’m confident that Judge Gorsuch will follow Justice Scalia’s example, adhering to the Constitution and fairly applying the law on behalf of all Americans.

“The President has picked a mainstream nominee unanimously supported by Democrats in the past. I hope my colleagues across the aisle will allow an up-or-down vote on this bipartisan, highly qualified nominee.”

Cornyn: Gorsuch a Mainstream, Qualified Nominee 
Sen. Cruz Issues Statement on the Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court 

“Like the renowned justice he is set to replace, Judge Gorsuch is brilliant and immensely talented. He has impeccable qualifications, having clerked at the Supreme Court, excelled in private practice, served at the highest levels of the Justice Department, and garnered a stellar reputation over the past decade as an appellate judge. More importantly, though, he also mirrors Justice Scalia in that he has a proven track record of honoring the Constitution, following the text of the law, and refraining from imposing his policy preferences from the bench. As a result of his fidelity to law, he has proven to be a champion of federalism, the constitutional separation of powers, religious liberty, and all of the fundamental liberties enshrined in our Bill of Rights. I couldn’t be happier with his selection."

Flake Statement on Supreme Court Nominee Judge Gorsuch
Hatch Praises the Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch 

“With Neil Gorsuch, the President has made a standout choice. Judge Gorsuch is one of the brightest stars on the federal bench, displaying a caliber of intellectual leadership that is rare even among the most qualified jurists. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated an abiding understanding of a judge’s proper role: to ‘say what the law is,’ not what he might wish the law to be. If there is one man capable of filling the big shoes left by the late Justice Scalia, it is Neil Gorsuch. I applaud the President’s inspired choice and will do everything in my power to ensure his confirmation. As the longest-serving current member of the Judiciary Committee, I look forward to helping lead a vigorous debate about the kind of justice that America needs.”

U.S. Sen Kennedy Issues Statement On Neil Gorsuch’s Nomination to the United States Supreme Court 
Lee Praises President Trump’s Supreme Court Pick 

“I’ve had the privilege of arguing before Judge Gorsuch and he is extremely impressive. He is a prepared, thoughtful, and careful jurist, who has demonstrated a strong commitment to textualism and originalism. His opinions are well-reasoned and brilliantly written, and he has enriched the Tenth Circuit’s jurisprudence in a number of areas during his ten years on the court. He is a judge’s judge, who is well within the mainstream and always decides cases based on what the law says. He also always treats the parties appearing before him with dignity and respect.”

Statement by Senator John McCain on the Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court 
Rubio Praises Nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court

“Judge Gorsuch is a highly qualified, mainstream jurist, which is why he was unanimously confirmed to the circuit court by the Senate in 2006. By all accounts he has the right temperament and experience for the job, and I’m pleased to see him nominated to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Most importantly, he is committed to the principles of original intent and judicial restraint. This is critical, because too many in the federal judiciary today believe it is appropriate for judges to invent new policies and rights instead of interpreting and defending the Constitution as it is written."

Sasse Statement on Supreme Court

Shelby Applauds President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

Thune: President’s Supreme Court Nominee Is Exceptional Jurist

Tillis Statement On Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch

Toomey Issues Statement on the Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court

We join with these distinguished Senators and call for a swift confirmation of Judge Gorsuch to Justice Scalia's seat on the Supreme Court.