Thank You Senators for Standing Up to the Smear Campaign Against Judge Kavanaugh

Led by Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley Republican Senators have patiently listened and investigated the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.  The results at every turn back Judge Kavanaugh and it can be considered telling that the only person not to provide a statement to the committee (which are subject to criminal penalties for perjury) is Dr. Ford.  That has made Democrats more desperate in their smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh. 

Now other Senators have gotten into this fight to stop the effort to smear a great man and Judge.  Let’s start with Leader Mitch McConnell's speech today:

Democrats have signaled for months they’d put on whatever performance the far-left special interests demanded and throw all the mud they could manufacture. Well, it’s not like they didn’t warn us. But even by the far left’s standards, this shameful smear campaign has hit a new low. I’ll get into the specifics in just a moment. But I want to be perfectly clear about what has taken place.

As Senate president pro tempore, and former Judiciary Chairman, Orrin Hatch stated:

Senate Democrats will stop at nothing to prevent Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation. As reported by the author of last night’s article, the individual in the piece came forward only because Senate Democrats “came looking.” . . .  The New York Times, which declined to publish the allegations when approached, reported that it had interviewed “several dozen people in an attempt to corroborate the story” and could find “no one with firsthand knowledge.” The Times further reported that the individual in the story had contacted former classmates herself in an effort to corroborate the story and had “told some of them that she could not be certain Mr. Kavanaugh was the one who exposed himself.”

Unsurprisingly, Senate Democrats are now using last night’s article as an excuse to call for further delays. This follows the same approach they have taken since Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination was first announced. No innuendo has been too low, no insinuation too dirty. Everything is an excuse for delay, no matter how unsubstantiated. It does not matter that no other eyewitness can even confirm that Judge Kavanaugh was at the party in question. It does not matter that every other individual alleged to be present denies any memory of the event. The goal is delay.

Senator Lindsey Graham, who voted for both of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominees and has a lot of bipartisan credibility on the process of Supreme Court Confirmation, hit the Senate Democrats with extremely strong language:

When it comes to stopping President Donald Trump and his agenda, there seem to be no boundaries.

Whether it’s coaching witnesses or reporting thinly-sourced stories without proper verification, everything is fair game and falls into the category of – ‘The Ends Justify the Means.’

What we are witnessing is the total collapse of the traditional confirmation process for a Supreme Court nominee.  It is being replaced by a game of delay, deception, and wholesale character assassination.

The attacks are not just on Judge Kavanaugh, but his family and his daughters.  We recommend that all read what Judge Kavanaugh wrote and thank Chairman Grassley, Senators Hatch and Graham, and Leader McConnell for working through the smear campaign to get to the truth.  As Leader McConnell said today on the Senate Floor:

In the meantime, a good and honorable man and his family are receiving death threats. They are the subject of smears. And are facing Senate Democrats who say he has no presumption of innocence because they don’t agree with his judicial philosophy. Well, before the week is out, both Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford will testify, under oath, before the Judiciary Committee. Chairman Grassley has made sure the facts will be heard. Judge Kavanaugh and the American people deserve nothing less. And I want to make it perfectly clear—Judge Kavanaugh will be voted on here on the Senate floor. Up or down, on the Senate floor, this fine nominee to the Supreme Court will receive a vote in this Senate in the near future.