Trump Wants to Fix Elections with Integrity Commission; Left Says Election Integrity Study Will Pollute Our Water?!?

RNLA Vice President for Communications Ron Hicks wrote praising President Trump for formally announcing his Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity earlier today:

This study, and the recommendations for reform and better practices that will come from it, is long overdue.  Only 30% of Americans expressed confidence in the “honesty of elections,” according to a recent Gallup poll. 

Like the response to any action by President Trump, we can expect manufactured public outcry from the left, likely centered on the fact that the commission will investigate problems of vote fraud as part of its mission.  The activists on the left who deny the existence of vote fraud despite evidence to the contrary will decry the commission, even though vote fraud is a non-partisan issue. 

A typical overreaction from the left is here: the Friends of the Earth think a commission on election integrity is a partisan action that somehow destroys the environment:  

By signing this order, Trump is using his office to silence voters and is ignoring Americans demanding action to address climate change, protect our drinking water, and ensure the food our children eat is safe.

In reality, as Hicks explains, it is non-partisan:   

Why is it non-partisan?  Because vote fraud takes many different forms and is a much broader problem than the voter impersonation fraud often discussed in the news—when someone shows up at the polls pretending to be a legitimate voter and votes in his or her name.  When vote fraud occurs, it cancels out the vote of someone voting for a different candidate.  It’s a broad problem that affects honest voters broadly.  And no voter who has taken the time to research the candidates and issues and vote wants to know that a fraudulent vote has negated his or her vote. 

The best example of the non-partisan nature of the study is Secretary of State Bill Gardner.  Gardner has been Secretary of State of New Hampshire since 1976 during very Democrat and very Republican swings in the New Hampshire electorate.  Gardner is just one of the qualified Secretaries of State on the commission who act in a non-partisan manner for election integrity:  

Commission member Democrat New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner understands this well.  His party affiliation does not prevent him from caring deeply about the integrity of New Hampshire elections and working tirelessly to ensure that eligible votes from New Hampshire citizens are counted and not canceled by fraudulent votes. . . . Commission vice chair Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, also has worked for years to improve the integrity of elections not just in Kansas but around the country.  He founded, and his office administers, the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck (IVRC) program, which compares voter registration databases from member states to identify possible errors and duplicate registrations.

We look forward to to reviewing the findings and recommendations of the commission and working together with election officials to ensure that the problems that harm the integrity of our elections are eliminated or reduced to protect the lawful votes of all eligible voters.