2020 Election Day Highlights

Election Day is here! Below are some highlights from the day before the polls closed.

Current former and RNLA leadership have been featured over the past few days in the media:

Early in the day, one of the big stories was of a robocall that voters across the country received on and before Election Day. Over the past few weeks, people have been reporting the robocall telling them to "stay home and stay safe." Calls like this are especially concerning on Election Day:

While all eyes are usually on Florida, the day went relatively well in the swing state.

Unsurprisingly, the usual shenanigans were going on in Pennsylvania:

Others states also reported issues throughout the day:

Thank you to all of the lawyers already on the ground working to ensure the integrity of our elections! 

There's still time to volunteer if you haven't already done so! If you are interested in volunteering in the days following Election Day, sign up here.