The “Impeachment Inquiry” Double-Triple Hearsay Creates More Problems

As the impeachment inquiry continues, there have been some stories you may have missed that are worth noting.  One of them is that Chairman Adam Schiff's (D-CA) impeachment inquiry is hurting allegedly innocent targets.

The danger of the multiple hearsay testimony that Adam Schiff is employing became apparent today from an unlikely source.  Kash Patel, an official on the National Security Council, is suing Politico for defamation, and accusing the news outlet of colluding with Rep. Adam Schiff.  As the Daily Caller reports:

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Trump Checks Executive Agencies’ Abuse of Guidance Documents

President Trump continues to tighten the reigns of executive agencies, this time by issuing two Executive Orders designed to prevent agencies from improperly using guidance documents. Together, these orders reinforce agency adherence to the rule of law and due process and also provide meaningful restraint to regulatory overreach.

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This Impeachment Process is NOT Like Others

As the impeachment inquiry goes public tomorrow, we thought we would highlight a few items.  It is important to know that the House majority is making it very difficult for the President or House Republicans to be meaningfully involved in the process.  This is very different from past impeachments. 

The Daily Caller has a quick summary of House Republicans outlining their case against impeaching the President, and to summarize:

“Four key pieces of evidence are fatal to the Democrats’ allegations,” the memo states. “Stripping away the hyperbole and hysteria, these indisputable pieces of evidence show that there was no, ‘Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and Misdemeanors,’ as required by the U.S. Constitution.”

Those four facts, the GOP members argue, are that Trump’s July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky does not show evidence of pressure, Zelensky said he did not feel pressured during the call, Ukraine did not know Trump was withholding security assistance at the time of the call, and Trump both met with Zelensky and freed up foreign aid before Ukraine ever investigated Biden or Burisma as he requested.

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RNLA Recognizes Lee Goodman as 2019 Republican Lawyer of the Year

Next week, the RNLA will present former FEC Chairman and current member of the RNLA Board of Governors Lee Goodman with the 2019 Republican Lawyer of the Year award Tickets are still available for the reception in his honor on Wednesday, November 13.

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President Trump Celebrates 158th Confirmed Judge

Yesterday, President Trump celebrated the 158th judge nominated by him confirmed by the Senate. Here are some statistics:

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Blame for Lack of FEC Quorum Lies with Schumer, Not McConnell

Since Republican Commissioner Matthew Petersen resigned in August, the Federal Election Commission has only had three commissioners and lacked the four commissioners necessary for it to approve agency actions.  Never missing an opportunity to make a political point while ignoring the facts, the left has continued criticizing Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for the lack of a quorum at the FEC (for example).  

This is one of the worst lies of the left. This is 100% the Democrats' fault and a part of their war on free speech and democracy. 

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New Film Details Threats to Free Speech on College Campuses

John Fund wrote in National Review yesterday about "No Safe Spaces," a film by conservative commentator Dennis Prager and comedian Adam Carolla. The film describes how politically correct culture on college campuses is threatening free speech, suppressing dissent from the prevailing liberal view, and undermining our cultural value for free expression:

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Lee Goodman: 2019 Republican Lawyer of the Year

The Board of Governors of the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) has named Lee Goodman of Virginia the 2019 Republican Lawyer of the Year.

Mr. Goodman was selected in recognition of his outstanding professional accomplishments and years of tireless dedication in service to the Republican Party.


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Twitter Bans Political Ads; Impact Will Be on Small Campaigns and Organizations

Yesterday, Twitter announced that it would not carry any political ads (broadly defined to include issue ads as in the Honest Ads Act/SHIELD Act) on its platform.  Under current law, this is perfectly permissible.  It contrasts with the approach taken by Facebook, which announced recently that it would not decide truth and falsity in political ads.  Democrats and the mainstream media were quick to praise the decision:

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ABA Smears Van Dyke With Apocryphal Evaluation

The American Bar Association has shown bias so extreme that some of its leaders are leaving or complaining of their evaluation of Ninth Circuit nominee Lawrence VanDyke.  While some of their not-qualified rating is at best subjective and biased, some of it seems to be based on an outright subversion of what he said:


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