Candidate for AG Lying about Anti-Semite Ties Must Step Down

In a debate for a “local” statewide race with national implications, Minnesota Attorney General Candidate Rep. Keith Ellison again lied about his ties to racist, anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. Rep. Ellison is also the Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee.  His constant lying about the ties should be a red flag for a multitude of reasons including that an Attorney General is in charge of enforcing the law regardless of race or creed. 

As the Washington Post detailed early this year when giving him four Pinocchios:

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Automatic or Mandatory Voter Registration Causes, Rather Than Solves, Problems

As Election Day comes closer, it is worth noting the many problems facing election officials.  These “problems” are often a combination of election official incompetence and bad actors.   What’s worse is they do not increase turnout, their stated purpose. 

One example is the left's push for automatic or mandatory voter registration.  This process has the effect of disenfranchising voters from party primaries (thus helping establishment candidates like Hillary Clinton over insurgent candidates like Bernie Sanders) whether intentionally or unintentionally.  Mandatory registration cannot select a party for a person and serves to disfranchise more casual voters who only vote every four years in party primaries for President or the like. 

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Don McGahn Leaves Legacy of Strong Judiciary at White House Counsel

Yesterday was Don McGahn's last day as White House Counsel.  After serving President Trump as campaign counsel during his 2016 presidential campaign, Mr. McGahn served as White House Counsel during the pivotal first half of President Trump's current term.  He played a vital role in vetting and recommending attorneys who respect the rule of law to serve as federal judges, including Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.  With Mr. McGahn's advice, President Trump has nominated and the Senate has confirmed two Supreme Court justices, 29 U.S. Courts of Appeals judges, and 53 U.S. District Court judges.  Currently 57 Article III court nominees remain pending before the Senate.

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Bipartisan Agreement That It Is Time for Avenatti to Stop Receiving Attention

The real question now is why does the media give Michael Avenatti any air time?  Before we get into the legal substance of one of his cases and while Republican opposition to Avenatti needs no explanation, we note that there is bipartisan opposition to Avenatti.  For example, former New York Democrat Rep. Steve Israel wrote an Op-Ed in The Hill entitled "Michael Avenatti, please go away" and even Avenatti acknowledged Democrats hate him:

Establishment Democrats, Avenatti said, are trying to “discredit” him “so they can nominate some schlocky establishment Democrat” for president.

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Weintraub's Staff Campaigns Against President Trump While Making Enforcement Decisions About Him

(This is the last in a series of five posts on the demonstrated bias of Democratic FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub.  The first installment is here, the second here, the third here, and the fourth is here.)

FEC Vice Chair Ellen Weintraub's personal staff continues to mount a political campaign against President Trump at the same time they consider enforcement cases involving President Trump.  In many public pronouncements, Commissioner Weintraub's staff indicate they already have prejudged legal issues pending before the FEC.  Some tweets appear to be posted during regular government work hours. 

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Trump Wins Big, Avenatti Loses Epically: When Will Mainstream Media Apologize?

In what should be no shock, Michael Avenatti again got shot down for a groundless attack on Donald Trump.  Not only did a federal judge dismiss his client's defamation case against President Trump, he ordered Avenatti's client to pay Trump’s legal fees.

A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit from adult film actress Stormy Daniels in which she claimed that President Trump defamed her when he suggested her allegation that she was threatened to stay quiet about their relationship was a lie.

Federal District Judge S. James Otero had suggested during a late September hearing that he was skeptical of Daniels’s claim on First Amendment grounds. The ruling ordered Daniels, whose given name is Stephanie Clifford, to pay Trump’s legal fees.

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RNLA Chair John Ryder: Kavanaugh Smear Has Motivated the Right

RNLA Chair John Ryder wrote yesterday about how the Democrats' smear of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and their obvious efforts to play politics with his nomination have motivated conservative voters:

The dust has more or less settled from the Kavanaugh confirmation battle, but we will feel its effects for some time to come. It will take an entire term of the Supreme Court to begin to assess the impact of Justice Brett Kavanaugh on the court itself, but the political consequences are more immediate and tangible. . . .

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Even Michelle Obama Rejects the Current Democratic Party Message

Not content with smearing the character of a good man for being a conservative judge, leading Democrats are now taking to calling for attacks on all Republicans. 

First--the one most in the news--former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder said:


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Red State Democrats Likely to Pay the Cost of Smears and Obstruction

The Democrats' smear of Justice Brett Kavanaugh is having an effect in the Senate.  The Senate is by tradition a place that runs on unanimous consent.  Nominations have rules and decorum that have to be followed.  If they are not, the minority can slow things down.  Democrats have done this on almost ALL Trump nominations

Democrats file cloture on every nominee, which kicks off 30 hours of debate even if no Senator is opposed. They figure if they can’t defeat nominees they can delay and consume valuable time. Democrats have forced 117 cloture votes—versus 12 in Barack Obama’s first two years and four in George W. Bush’s.

The question this month is whether Senate Democrats will accept a deal to confirm more judges and nominees, which would allow vulnerable Members to return home to campaign.

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More Problems with California MVR - 1,500 Wrong Registrations, Including Non-Citizens

California's mandatory (automatic) voter registration system, which launched in April, has been plagued by problems.  First, two registration forms were created for each of 77,000 voters due to a "software error."  Then, over 23,000 voters had errors placed in their voter registration records due to an "administrative processing error" after a visit to the DMV.  Now, 1,500 people have been wrongly registered to vote by the DMV, including at least some non-citizens, due to errors made by employees during data entry:

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