Ramped-up Democrat Election Schemes Threaten Election Confidence

One of Pennsylvania’s top Democrat political activists is allegedly running a shady GOTV website that is surreptitiously collecting user data for political campaign purposes from unsuspecting voters who are tricked into thinking the site is an official state government election site. The URL, Vote.pa, closely resembles the official state voter registration website, vote.pa.gov. Not only that, Gov. Josh Shapiro allowed his signature to be used on mailers guiding people to request mail-in ballots through the site according to investigative journalist Todd Shepherd at Broad & Liberty.


The man behind this shadowy data collection operation is Democrat Gov. Tom Wolfe’s former press secretary, turned political operative, J.J. Abbott.

The report from Broad & Liberty notes:

[It] appears to be an official attempt by the Democratic Party to collect data and obfuscate voter registration practices. Gov. Josh Shapiro signed a letter, using his title, to encourage prospective voters to use the wrong, and Democratic Party affiliated, voter registration website.

The new revelation underscores the deep extent to which Pennsylvania Democrats and left-of-center organizations have invested in the website that one Republican state representative called an “obvious attempt to steal information from voters or potential voters.”

State Rep. Seth Grove (R–York) added:

“[This] is an obvious attempt to steal information from voters or potential voters who are very likely looking for the Department of State’s website. The Governor of all people should be ensuring accurate information is being provided to voters promoting an official government website.

“I’m calling on Governor Shapiro to set the record straight right now and recommend voters go to vote.pa.gov for voting information, not a misinformation website looking to harvest data from voters. Regardless of the separation of his campaign and official activities, he is the Governor, citizens pay close attention to what he says in any capacity. I am also calling on the Governor to convene his Elections Threats Task Force and condemn this website immediately.”

Meanwhile, at least two Democrat state senators have promoted the website on their campaign X accounts.