Former Acting AG Matt Whitaker Calls Out Democrat Lawfare Against Trump

Matthew Whitaker, former Acting Attorney General in the Trump administration, will make the case at the RNLA National Policy Conference on May 17, that the ongoing lawfare against President Donald Trump amounts to election interference.

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Whitaker, a frequent cable TV legal analyst, recently told Fox Business News’ Maria Bartiromo it is impossible for Trump to campaign effectively while defending himself in three ongoing court cases.

Whitaker later told Fox Business News in a follow up interview that the hush money case against Trump should fall apart based on the unusual circumstances of the case, including the fact the state extended the statute of limitations and elevated the charges from misdemeanors to felonies.

“This is a completely bogus campaign finance violation that's alleged,” Whitaker said. “I think once the once the pieces and parts of this are dissected on the law, ignoring the facts which are equally as weak, but the law just is not there. I think Alvin Bragg has made too far of an extension. When you extend the law too far, ultimately, courts of appeals will smack prosecutors back.”

Whitaker concluded his interview with Bartiromo on a hopeful note, pointing out that young voters are increasingly supporting Trump over Biden, based on the effectiveness of his policies, not the fringe legal cases against him.

Young voters are moving towards Donald Trump because they know that under his policies, the economy was working,” Whitaker said. “It was creating jobs. It was keeping inflation low. You could buy a house with low mortgage rates. And the world feared us, it wasn't on fire like it is now and there wasn't conflict and war everywhere you look. There is no doubt the world was a better place with Donald Trump at the helm versus Joe Biden, who appears to be absent or unable to flex American muscle and American power to keep countries such Iran and North Korea in check.”

Whitaker served as Acting Attorney General from November 2018 to February 2019. Prior to becoming Acting Attorney General, Mr. Whitaker served as Chief of Staff to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He was appointed as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa by President George W. Bush. Whitaker graduated with a Master of Business Administration, Juris Doctor, and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa.

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