Liberal Rick Hasen Says Americans May Have to Take to Streets in 2024

On Thursday, election law professor Rick Hasen appeared on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes" to discuss the risk of election subversion during upcoming elections. Despite the segment being entitled "Republicans Against Democracy," Hasen, a liberal, began the process to undermine democracy in the 2024 election should Republicans win even before the candidates are known:

"It may take the American people going out into the streets to assure that we can have a free and fair election in 2024."

We'll give Professor Hasen the benefit of the doubt that he did not mean "take to the streets" in the way that a Black Lives Matter leader recently used it to stand for rioting and burning. However, it lines up with the alarming trend of Democrat activists not accepting election results. As Professor Derreck Mueller noted, the last time all the Democrats in Congress accepted a Republican Presidential election victory was in 1988.

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Left Ignores Substance in Mask Ruling

It comes as no surprise that the Left was unhappy with Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle's decision to strike down the Biden Administration's federal transportation mask mandate earlier this week. But instead of focussing their criticism on the substance of the ruling, the Left has spent the last few days obsessing over Judge Mizelle's age and the fact that she is a Trump appointee. Slate writer Mark Joseph Stern exemplified the countless articles and tweets on this topic. As Jacob Sullum explained for the New York Post:

Mizelle backed up all three of [her] conclusions with extensive discussion and cogent reasons. But instead of explaining why she was wrong, Stern complained that “a single unelected, life-tenured, 35-year-old judge just abolished the air travel mask mandate for the entire country.”

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Will Biden Backtrack on Title 42?

While Title 42, a public health policy that many see as the only thing stopping massive numbers of migrants from attempting to cross the southern border, is expected to expire in May, President Biden is now feeling pressure from his own party to keep the policy in place. Of course, Democrats' opposition to the policy probably has more to do with their vulnerable status in the upcoming midterms rather than a desire for stronger border security:

While the move to end Title 42 has certainly sparked backlash from Republicans who support hard-line immigration policies, a great deal of Democrats, several who are up for re-election or seeking other positions, are also expressing concern over its planned removal as conditions at the southern border continue to deteriorate.

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RNLA 2022 Policy Conference Recap: Parental Rights

On Friday, April 1, 2022, RNLA hosted its annual National Policy Conference in Arlington, Virginia. The morning sessions featured a panel on parental rights entitled, "The Collision Between Parental Rights and the Education Establishment: Recent Litigation, Title IX Regulations, and the Legal Authority of School Boards."

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Transportation Mask Mandate

On Monday, a federal judge in Florida issued a nationwide injunction striking down the federal government's transportation mask mandate:

A federal judge in Florida ordered the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to lift its mask mandate for airports, planes and other forms of travel Monday, saying the agency had overstepped its authority.

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Elon Musk Triggers Anti-Speech Left with Offer to Acquire Twitter

On Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that he submitted an offer to acquire Twitter. The Washington Post reported:

Elon Musk has launched a $43 billion hostile takeover bid for Twitter, the social network that the eccentric billionaire behind Tesla uses as a hobby to connect with his 81 million followers — saying he believes the platform is essential to the functioning of democracy.

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Judge Denies Clinton Lawyer's Motion to Dismiss Durham Probe Case

A federal judge has denied Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman's motion to dismiss a case resulting from Special Counsel John Durham's probe into the so-called "Steele Dossier." The Washington Examiner reported:

The judge presiding over the false statements case against Michael Sussmann shot down the defendant’s motion to dismiss special counsel John Durham’s indictment, denying the Democratic cybersecurity lawyer’s effort to avoid trial next month.

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NY Lt. Gov. Arrested for Campaign Finance-Related Offenses

On Tuesday, New York's Democrat Lieutenant Governor, Brian Benjamin, was arrested on campaign finance-related charges. Fox News reported:

Benjamin is facing charges of bribery, conspiracy, honest services wire fraud, and falsification of records. The various offenses carry maximum penalties ranging between five and 20 years in prison.

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Biden's Next Gun Grab

On Monday, the Biden Administration announced its latest gun grab. The National Review's David Harsanyi writes:

Crime is rising, so it’s time for Democrats to take aim at law-abiding gun owners. In a press conference today, President Joe Biden promised swift action, announcing a series of unilateral moves that will have virtually no effect on rising criminality. Among them is regulating so-called “ghost guns,” which Biden claims “are the weapons of choice for many criminals.” And by “many,” he means “incredibly few.” Biden also promised to fight for “universal” background checks and “assault-weapons” bans, two other policies that would do almost nothing to lower the crime rate and everything to do with making life more difficult for peaceful gun owners.

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Democrats Lose All Credibility with FEC Nominee

Democrats have spent the last two years criticizing even the slightest concerns expressed by conservatives about the integrity of U.S. elections. Then why did the Biden Administration nominate Dara Lindenbaum to fill a seat on the Federal Election Commission (FEC)? As the Washington Examiner reports, Lindenbaum signed on to allegations that lacked credibility about the outcome of the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election:

In a lawsuit she filed in November 2018 on behalf of Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams's nonprofit group, she signed her name to several bad-faith allegations, many of which had already been debunked at that time. But one of these allegations truly stands out for its brazen fearmongering and lack of credible evidence: the charge that faulty or rigged voting machines were actually switching voters' choices when they went to vote in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election.

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