The Democrats' War on President Trump over His Tax Returns

Democrats want President Trump’s tax returns and will do almost anything to get them.  First there was the effort to keep him off the ballot in California by demanding his tax returns.  This law, if upheld, would have had the effect of disenfranchising thousands of voters.  Now the efforts turn to New York. A highly partisan DA looking to make waves found a Clinton-appointed Judge, Victor Marrero, to agree to issue a subpoena for President Trump’s tax returns from before he was President.  As we stated regarding the House Democrats' similar subpoena effort:

This subpoena is not a legitimate tool of oversight of the Executive Branch but instead an effort to investigate actions taken by a private citizen due to his subsequent political positions and activity.

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Eric “Wingman” Holder's Hypocrisy in Attacking AG Barr, Republicans

This week, former Attorney General Eric Holder has made incredibly hypocritical comments.  While many politicians are guilty of hubris, few take it to the level that Eric Holder has done.

First, Holder attacked current Attorney General William Barr.  Holder expressed concern about Barr not being "neutral." This is especially ironic since Holder bragged he was President Obama’s "wingman."  He said this multiple times, including in 2013:  “I’m still the President’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.”

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California Loses in Its Unconstitutional Effort to Disenfranchise Voters

After issuing a preliminary injunction against California's law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns before appearing on the ballot -- a clear attack on President Trump -- a couple weeks ago, a judge on the Eastern District of California issued an order yesterday explaining the basis for finding the law unconstitutional on several grounds.  RNLA leaders and members have been leading the fight against California's anti-Trump law: Harmeet Dhillon, Mark Meuser, Justin Clark, and Stefan Passantino are litigating the federal law challenge to the law, while Chuck Bell is litigating the state law challenge.

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Has California's Secretary of State Forsaken his Duty and Become a Glorified Clerk?

RNLA Vice President for Communications and 2018 Republican Lawyer of the Year Harmeet Dhillon, along with RNLA member Mark Meuser, is once again standing up for election integrity and the rule of law in California.  They filed a request for declaratory and indicative relief in the Eastern District of California today alleging that Democratic Secretary of State Alex Padilla's failure to use available resources to confirm that people are U.S. citizens prior to registering them to vote violates the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA):

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It is Biden, Not Trump, For Whom the US Engaged in a Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine

It does not take a deep dive into the facts to determine that the Democrats' partisan impeachment case is on very shaky ground.  Actually, looking at the facts objectively from what we know from the Ukrainian perspective seems to show that former Vice President Biden, not President Trump, is the one whose activities should be receiving further scrutiny.

According to Webster’s a quid pro quo is "something given or received for something else."  Democrats allege Trump wanted dirt on Biden in return for foreign aid.  However, according to the New York Times reporter Ken Vogel: “The Ukrainians weren't made aware that the assistance was being delayed/reviewed until more than one month after the call."


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"Get Real" Says Senator Durbin to Calls for Kavanaugh's Impeachment

While most of DC is focused on the “impeachment inquiry” into President Trump, Senate Judiciary Committee Member and Democratic Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris and far-left extremist groups like Demand Justice are calling for the impeachment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

Harris’ letter begins with citing her own questions and Senate floor speech as proof.  Then she goes into details from the recently debunked and uncorroborated  allegation from the book by a couple of New York Times reporters.  As the Washington Examiner describes this:

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ICYMI: Award Winning Democrat Election Official Indicted in Michigan for Election Fraud

While the Left continues to push the narrative that our elections are under attack by foreign actors, fraud and malfeasance are actually happening here at home. Most recently, a Democrat party leader and city clerk in Southfield, Michigan, Sherika Hawkins, has been accused of altering hundreds of votes and has previously been involved in other close elections.

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No Campaign Finance Violation in Trump’s Ukraine Call

While Democrats and liberal pundits would have us believe otherwise, there was no violation of campaign finance laws in President Trump’s July 25 call with the Ukrainian President.  Like so much in the campaign finance realm, Democrats are attempting to apply an interpretation of the law against foreign campaign contributions as they wish it were, instead of the law as written or how it has been interpreted to date.

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Impeachment Madness: Details Matter, One Side Transparent, the Other Rushing to Judgment

As Nancy Pelosi pushes House Democrats toward impeachment, we thought we would gather some reactions and responses from all sides of the spectrum that you may have missed.  But first off, we have to commend the President who has called for the release of the transcripts of his conversation with Ukraine President Zelensky and Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans who “hotlined” and voted unanimously to pass a resolution to provide the whistleblower complaint to Congress. 


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Democrats Prove They Are the Party of Racial and Gender Intolerance When It Comes to Judges

Liberal extremists and some Democrats are always finding reasons to oppose President Trump’s judicial nominees.  The reality is they are usually not mad for substantive reasons, but for political or worse reasons.  And these extremists won’t tolerate any dissent.  For example, as Thomas Jipping writes in Democrats take partisanship against judicial nominees to new level in Trump era:

The judicial confirmation process has gotten so twisted, so fast, that the Left is starting to eat its own. Freshman Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), for example, has already been attacked by progressives for supporting too many Trump judicial nominees. Yet one-third of her judicial confirmation votes this year have been NO.

To put that in perspective, it took the 10 longest-serving senators in American history a combined total of 135 years to cast as many votes against judicial nominees as Sinema has cast in less than one. Still, it’s not enough to satisfy the left.

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