Ballot Trafficking Highly Unpopular with Americans

As we head into the 2022 midterms, concerns about election integrity remain at an all-time high for voters. And after a Yuma County, Arizona woman recently pled guilty to organizing a ballot trafficking operation in 2020, it's no surprise that concerns about ballot trafficking rank highest. An op-ed by the Honest Elections Project's Jason Snead explains:

One common tactic for committing fraud is known as ballot trafficking or harvesting. Organizers and activists go door-to-door to “help” voters cast their ballots and then collect them, all without any official supervision. Proponents defend the practice as aiding vulnerable voters. In practice, though, vote trafficking often turns these voters into victims.

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As Georgetown Chooses the Coward’s Path, Shapiro Resigns

Just days after Georgetown University Law Center reinstated Ilya Shapiro after a four-month-long investigation for an ill-worded tweet, Shapiro proudly resigned.  Georgetown reinstated Shapiro based on the technicality that he was not yet an employee when he tweeted negatively about Biden's narrow-minded pool of potential SCOTUS nominees, a move that led students and faculty at the law school to protest him being hired.  But in resigning, Shapiro is standing up for free speech, contrary to Georgetown Law Center’s spineless actions, which were not based on law school policy but rather based in part on an effort to avoid "woke" student backlash.  As FIRE points out:

When Georgetown reinstated Shapiro, it said that university policies did not apply to him when he tweeted on Jan. 26, as his employment was to begin Feb. 1. The university reasoned it could not punish him for tweets made when he was not a university employee. As Shapiro said in his resignation letter, Georgetown investigated him for four months when the situation “apparently could’ve been resolved by looking at a calendar.” Georgetown’s investigation was primarily calendar based, concluding just days after its academic calendar ended — and just days after commencement, when the majority of students left campus for the summer. (emphasis added).

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SCOTUS Leaker Must be Found to Restore Supreme Court's Integrity

Weeks after a draft opinion was leaked in what many regard as the most prominent decision the Supreme Court will make in recent history, one question remains unanswered: Who did it? 

The Supreme Court has a long-standing history of being a highly respected institution that is secure from outside influence. But in recent years, likely due to the appointment of conservative Justices on the Supreme Court, the Left has continuously tried to tear down the Court's reputation, claiming its functions "undermine our American democracy." While the leaker and his or her political affiliation have yet to be determined, the leak of any opinion, especially in a case as significant as the Dobbs case, erodes the legitimacy of the Court and undermines our American democracy.  

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Democrats Spend Millions to Lose Seats in Redistricting

Following the 2020 U.S. Census, Democrats immediately began raising tens of millions of dollars to fuel a redistricting effort they hoped would push the needle in their favor for the next 10 years and help them gain seats in Congress.  But despite the best efforts of Democrat elected officials, PACs, and liberal dark money groups, Republicans are projected to gain anywhere between three to five Congressional seats. 

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Politico Exposes Democrats’ Hypocrisy

Politico published an article today attempting to expose Republicans Party officials for their efforts to train and recruit volunteers for the upcoming 2022 election cycle.  However, far from the smoking gun that Politico was hoping its article would be, it highlights the blatant hypocrisy of those on the Left who have been doing this exact thing for decades.

Now that Republicans are stepping up to ensure elections are free, fair, and transparent, Democrats have no better response than to demonize Republicans for leveling the playing field.  Unfortunately for Democrats, their legacy of running shady elections has come to an end.

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Pennsylvania's Election Process is a "Dumpster Fire"

It’s been two weeks since Pennsylvania’s Primary Election, and we still don’t know which Republican U.S. Senate candidate will be on the November ballot.  Clearly, Pennsylvania’s elections are broken, and many would say that Act 77, Pennsylvania’s no-excuse mail voting law, is the culprit.

Its incessant election issues have earned Pennsylvania the title of the nation’s “dumpster fire of election administration,” according to Justin Riemer, the Founder of Riemer Law LLC and former RNC Chief Counsel, who authored a recent commentary in Real Clear Politics:

In its recent primary election, Pennsylvania was again in the news for all the wrong reasons. Pennsylvania voters and election officials continue to suffer because of Gov. Tom Wolf’s failure to negotiate with Republican legislators to fix the problems plaguing the state’s elections… That’s particularly unfortunate since Pennsylvania currently has the dubious distinction of being the nation’s dumpster fire of election administration. Simply put, its elections are in dire need of reform.

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Grassley Calls Out Extremist Judicial Nominees

In Thursday's hearing, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on multiple Biden nominees for the federal judiciary. Ranking Member Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) commented on three nominees in particular, stating, "with their activist records, I don’t believe these nominees will respect the rule of law and follow the law as written, so I’m going to oppose them."

These three nominees were Nancy G. Abudu for the Eleventh Circuit; Nusurat Jahan Choudhury for the Eastern District of New York; and Natasha C. Merle for the Eastern District of New York. 

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Republican States are Leading the Way with Election Reforms

Polling done by the Honest Elections Project shows that Americans overwhelmingly support commonsense election integrity reforms. As research done by the Lawyers Democracy Fund shows, Republican states are leading the way in enacting these important reforms.

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Stacey Abrams Won a Primary, But Lost All Credibility

Stacey Abrams once again won the Democrat nomination for Governor of Georgia last night after running unopposed.  However, she lost her credibility in the process as her claims of voter suppression were proven entirely wrong.  Ever since she was defeated by over 50,000 votes in 2018, Abrams has not stopped fighting "voter suppression" in Georgia and across the nation.  When Georgia’s mainstream election reforms (S.B. 202) were passed in 2021, she claimed this would result in even more voter suppression.  In reality, this could not be further from the truth.  First, let's look at the facts as made evident by yesterday's Democratic Primary in Georgia:

In other words, not only did the law decried as “Jim Crow 2.0,” “Jim Crow on steroids,” and “Jim Eagle” increase overall turnout; under the new law, 27 percent more people voted in the Democratic primary — even with an uncontested race. This is the odd voter-suppression bill that results in many, many, many more people voting. (emphasis in original)

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Record Voter Turnout in Georgia Dispels Democrat Myths

Despite Joe Biden and other Democrats calling Georgia’s Election Integrity Act “Jim Crow 2.0,” the 2022 primary election early voting turnout has reached a record high. 

857,401 voters cast their ballots leading up to Election Day: an all-time high for Georgia.  But contrary to allegations on the Left that Georgia's new voting laws would suppress voters, this record turnout is actually the result of these recent election integrity reforms passed by the GOP-led state legislature and signed into law by Republican Governor Brian Kemp. 

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