Thomas Clerks: His "Integrity is Unimpeachable"

Over 100 of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' former law clerks have written a letter in his defense after months of baseless attacks by the radical Left on his credibility and character. Some excerpts from the letter read:

We’ve had a front-row seat to the Justice at work. Justice Thomas is a man of greatest intellect, of greatest faith, and of greatest patriotism. We know because we lived it. He is a man of unwavering principle. He welcomes the lone dissent. He is also a man of great humor and warmth and generosity. Walk the halls, and you’ll hear his laugh. Call, and he answers. His grandfather’s sayings become our sayings. His chambers become our chambers—a place fueled by unstoppable curiosity and unreturned library books, all to get every case just right. Those chambers become a way station for other Justices’ clerks too—a place where wisdom is freely shared by the man who made his way from Pin Point to the Supreme Court’s marbled halls. . .

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ICYMI: A Victory for Free Speech and Equal Treatment

For years, Republicans and fair-minded people have expressed concern about the unequal application of the law in the area of First Amendment protections. For example, churches during the COVID-19 pandemic were famously restricted from meeting, but protests for the “Black Lives Matter” movement were allowed to go forward. Last week marked the courts stepping in to push back and uphold the First Amendment:

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, in a unanimous 3-0 decision, found that two anti-abortion groups had plausibly alleged that the D.C. government “discriminated on the basis of viewpoint in the selective enforcement of its defacement ordinance.”

The groups, the Frederick Douglass Foundation and Students for Life of America, sued the D.C. government in 2021 after local police arrested two protesters who wrote “Black Pre-Born Lives Matter” on a public sidewalk during an August 2020 demonstration.

The foundation claimed D.C. authorities abandoned enforcement of the anti-graffiti law during widespread protests in the city following the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis. Yet that same summer, the group claimed, the restriction was “vigorously” enforced against them.

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Voter Registration Project: A Very Partisan Nonpartisan Group

A bombshell report by Capital Research Center details how the "nonpartisan" Voter Registration Project worked to only benefit the Democrats—contrary to law—in their voter registration efforts. This is extremely problematic as an article from The Daily Caller explained:

“Encouraging qualified voters to exercise their right to vote is a noble purpose, served by legitimate nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations, and community leaders around the country,” Lawyers Democracy Fund Executive Director Lisa Dixon, who was not involved in CRC’s report, told the DCNF. “But when supposedly nonpartisan organizations conduct get-out-the-vote efforts in a manner that seems designed to benefit one political party, voters are rightly skeptical of how fair and nonpartisan such efforts are.”

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Democrats' Double Standards for Supreme Court Justices

Democrats continue to show that they have different standards for the conduct of conservative versus liberal Supreme Court Justices. Senate Democrats are demanding that Justice Alito recuse himself from certain future cases because he has spoken out against the dangerous Supreme Court "ethics" legislation currently making its way through the Senate. However, it is apparently acceptable for liberal Justice Elena Kagan to essentially speak in support of the same bill. National Review reported:

Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats sent a letter to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on Thursday demanding that he force Justice Samuel Alito to recuse himself from any future cases involving efforts to regulate the high Court, citing Alito’s public defense of the Court’s independence from Congressional oversight as disqualifying. Shortly after the letter was sent, Justice Elena Kagan publicly weighed in on the debate in the other direction, defending the right of Congress to check the Supreme Court. . .

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House Republicans React to Special Counsel Appointment in Hunter Biden Investigation

Today, U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss was appointed Special Counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland. As House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan points out:

House Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith gives a very plausible answer to Chairman Jordan’s question:

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Democrats Reap the Consequences of Their Radical Policies in D.C. and Massachusetts

Last week, the Oakland NAACP shocked many for speaking out against the dangerous soft-on-crime policies of Leftist city leaders and demanding that a "state of emergency" be declared in response to the city's ongoing crime crisis. Now, a Democrat member of the D.C. City Council is calling for the National Guard to be called in in response to a recent onslaught of violent crime in our nation's capital.

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Biden’s DOJ: Partisanship Over Principle?

In recent weeks, the prioritization of partisanship over principle by the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) has increasingly come into focus. As we reported last week, a plea deal between Hunter Biden and the DOJ for tax crimes was rejected by Delaware U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika who pointed out that the agreement contained "unusual" terms that would have given Biden "broad immunity" from other charges being considered against him.

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Oakland NAACP Blames Rogue Prosecutor for Public Safety Crisis

The Oakland, California chapter of the NAACP has broken with its typical support for leftist policies and released a letter condemning the city's rogue prosecutor and the "defund the police" movement for the city's ongoing crime crisis. The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The Oakland NAACP released a statement Thursday calling for state and local elected leaders to declare a "state of emergency" as a result of increasing violent crime in the California city.

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Mayorkas Fails to Answer for Biden Border Crisis Yet Again

On Wednesday, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified before the House Judiciary Committee and again failed to answer for the Biden Administration's disastrous border and immigration policies. Fox News reported, "[A] number of Republicans doubled down on accusing Mayorkas of pushing 'open border policies' and expressed anger at what they saw as Mayorkas not answering any of their questions."

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Hunter Biden Plea Deal Unravels

On Wednesday, Hunter Biden was expected to plead guilty and accept a plea deal for a felony gun possession charge and two misdemeanor tax crimes. However, the deal fell through when Delaware U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika expressed concerns about the scope of the agreement. National Review reported:

Noreika described the deal struck with U.S. Attorney David Weiss of Delaware as “unusual” and questioned why the deal contained some “non-standard terms,” such as “broad immunity” from other potential charges.

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