Senate Democrats Back Down on Issuing Subpoenas in So-Called "Ethics" Investigation

Thursday's much-anticipated Senate Judiciary hearing adjourned without voting on the issuance of subpoenas regarding Senate Democrats' witch hunt against conservative Supreme Court Justices under the guise of so-called "ethics" concerns. National Review reported:

The Democratic-chaired committee submitted subpoenas for Republican donor Harlan Crow and lawyer Leonard Leo, in relation to an ethics investigation into Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Both Thomas and Alito are under fire for allegedly failing to report hospitality and travel gifts in their annual financial disclosures.

Republicans retaliated against Democrats’ subpoena requests with many amendments and additional subpoenas targeting liberal justices and President Joe Biden’s administration.

As Politico explained, Ranking Member Lindsey Graham arguing issuing the subpoenas would open up a "Pandora's box":

Ranking member Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) warned that going through with the subpoena votes would've resulted in “a long day, and we’re going to get nothing done." He anticipated “a complete shit show.”

He added that the Democrats’ subpoena requests of “private citizens” opened up a “Pandora’s box.” He predicted Republicans and Democrats would be consumed by “what we would like to subpoena versus what you would like to subpoena” and what he described as “pent up demand” from Republicans about “what's going on in Biden world.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn gave a preview to what this might look like, arguing that the Committee should look into concerns surrounding Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Unfortunately, Democrats are expected to pursue issuing the subpoenas again in the future.

All of this is part of the radical Left's quest to destroy the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. Senate Republicans will continue to stand against the Democrats' attempts to intimidate conservative members of the Court.