Biden Administration Stonewalling Efforts to Prevent Federal Election Interference

The Biden administration continues to hide its efforts to interfere with elections. In a recent letter authored by Sen. Bill Hagerty, Senate Republicans are demanding the White House and relevant agencies provide copies of their plans to implement Executive Order 14019 entitled “Promoting Access to Voting.” The letter was co-signed by 23 senators, including Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.

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Durbin "Destroys" the Senate Judiciary Committee

Thursday's Senate Judiciary hearing was truly astonishing. Democrats played procedural games in an attempt to silence Republicans on the Committee, voted to send radical judicial nominees to the Senate floor, and authorized subpoenas against Leonard Leo and Harlan Crow—marking a new chapter in the Democrats' witch hunt against conservative Supreme Court Justices.

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Surprise, Surprise: The Anti-Law and Order Radical Left Throws Support Behind Hamas

There is a stark contrast between Israel and Hamas. There is also a stark contrast between their supporters.

On October 7, Hamas launched a surprise assault on Israel, using beheadings, torture, rape and kidnapping as their tools of warfare. Israel declared war in response, using traditional methods of warfare to secure the future safety of its people. Israel minimizes civilian casualties, while Hamas uses Israeli civilian hostages as bargaining chips and Palestinian civilians as human shields. The contrast between Israel and Hamas is jarring, and the difference extends to their support bases in America as well. Unsurprisingly, the radical Left is taking advantage of this conflict and using it as cover to engage in violent behavior reminiscent of the breakdown of law and order that occurred in many American cities in 2020.

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Democrat Attacks on Court are Thinly-Veiled Attempts to Intimidate Justices

Public faith in our core institutions matters – at least some think so. We’ve heard ad nauseam about the dangers of questioning election integrity since 2020. However, the Democrat Party is silent regarding the importance of sustaining faith in the Supreme Court. Worse than silent, because Democrat politicians themselves are the source of the attacks. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court announced the creation of an ethics code that all Justices have agreed to adhere to. Despite this, many Democrats like Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin don't think that's enough to fulfill their demands for unworkable "ethics" standards.

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SCOTUS Releases Code of Conduct - RNLA to Discuss at Webinar

On Monday, the Supreme Court unexpectedly issued an ethical Code of Conduct that all nine Justices have agreed to adhere to. The introduction to the Code states: 

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Senate Democrats Back Down on Issuing Subpoenas in So-Called "Ethics" Investigation

Thursday's much-anticipated Senate Judiciary hearing adjourned without voting on the issuance of subpoenas regarding Senate Democrats' witch hunt against conservative Supreme Court Justices under the guise of so-called "ethics" concerns. National Review reported:

The Democratic-chaired committee submitted subpoenas for Republican donor Harlan Crow and lawyer Leonard Leo, in relation to an ethics investigation into Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Both Thomas and Alito are under fire for allegedly failing to report hospitality and travel gifts in their annual financial disclosures.

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Overturned CT Mayoral Primary Creates Complicated Election Day Scenario

Tuesday is Election Day, but evidence of absentee ballot voter fraud in the Bridgeport, Connecticut Democrat mayoral primary means that there may be a long road to determining the outcome of the election. The New York Post explained:

A Connecticut judge ordered a new Democratic mayoral primary in Bridgeport as surveillance footage showed multiple workers allegedly stuffing absentee ballots into an outdoor ballot box days before the original primary.

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The Democrat Agenda is Bad for the American People - Vote Republican on Election Day

Election Day is next week, and things aren't looking good for Democrats. According the a Gallup poll released last week, President Joe Biden's approval rating is at an all-time low—including among Democrat voters:

President Joe Biden’s job approval rating among Democrats has tumbled 11 percentage points in the past month to 75%, the worst reading of his presidency from his own party. This drop has pushed his overall approval rating down four points to 37%, matching his personal low.

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D.C. AG Gives Democrat Sweetheart Deal After Pulling House Office Fire Alarm

Surprise, surprise. The D.C. Attorney General has cut a sweetheart deal with far-left Democrat Congressman Jamaal Bowman after he pulled a fire alarm in the Cannon House Office Building in an apparent effort to delay a House vote. Committee on House Administration Chairman Bryan Steil joined Fox Business to discuss the bizarre series of events during and after Bowman's stunt.

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House Oversight Continues to Expose Corruption and Failed Policies of Joe Biden

On Friday, House Oversight Chairman James Comer revealed that the Committee has found evidence that Joe Biden has received direct compensation for alleged "shady influence peddling of his name" by the Biden family "and their access to him."

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