Resources and Background for the Confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

Judge Barrett on a Few Issues

Judicial philosophy from an article entitled 5 things to know about Amy Coney Barrett:

“If the judge is willing not to apply the law but to decide cases in a line, in accordance with personal preference rather than the law, then she’s not actually functioning as a judge at all. She’s functioning as a policymaker,” Barrett explained.

“And I would have had no interest in the job if the job was about policymaking and about making policy decisions,” the judge said. “My interest is in contributing to our tradition of judges upholding the rule of law.”

“There’s a lot of talk these days about the courts being mere political institutions. But if we reduce the courts to mere politics, then why do we need them? We already have politicians. Courts are not arenas for politics. Courts are places where judges discharge the duty to uphold the rule of law,” she said.

Barrett went on to cite Scalia, who “used to say that a judge who likes every result that she reaches is not a very good judge. In fact, she’s a very bad judge. The law simply does not align with a judge’s political preference or personal preference in every case.”

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Michael Bloomberg is Never Going to Stop Trying to Buy the 2020 Election

Mike Bloomberg is never going to give up trying to buy this election. Earlier this year, you could not watch TV or go on the Internet without seeing an Ad for "Mike Bloomberg for President." Yet Bloomberg’s Presidential campaign was a legendary bust as the Washington Post wrote.    

In the 14 Super Tuesday states and American Samoa, he spent over $224 million in ads. The result? He won eight delegates by the time he dropped out — or, one delegate for every $28 million he spent on ads.

By plowing half a billion dollars into his campaign, the media tycoon became the biggest self-spending candidate in U.S. history in just three months. If you watched TV, listened to the radio or used the Internet at some point since December, it felt nearly impossible to miss a glitzy Bloomberg campaign ad.

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Moderate No More: Biden Signals He is Caving on Court Packing

Moderate No More: Biden on Court Packing

Some say Democrat Party Nominee Vice President Biden is a moderate or center left.  Whether he was once or not, he is now going as far left as he can.  In the past Joe Biden was adamant against adding Justices to the Supreme Court, also known as Court Packing. 

Biden stated in October, 2019:

"I would not get into court packing … We begin to lose any credibility the court has at all."

But now:

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Trump to Announce Nominee Saturday; Schumer Throws a "Temper Tantrum"

President Trump announced today that he will announce his nominee to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court created by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Saturday at 5:00pm:

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On Joe Biden’s Supreme Court Nonsense and Flip-Flop-Flips

President Trump has laid out in detail his potential nominees to the Supreme Court.  Later this week he will formally nominate a new Supreme Court Justice.  Meanwhile, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden refuses to announce his list despite an earlier promise to do so.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Sunday said he won’t release his list of prospective Supreme Court nominees until he is elected, giving off a set of reasons he believes “could influence that person’s decision” ahead of the November election despite pressure from both sides him to do so. . . .

However, Biden pledged in June to release his list of potential Supreme Court nominees, telling reporters that his campaign is “putting together a list of a group of African American women who are qualified and have the experience.” He added that the list wouldn’t release until each nominees are vetted but declined to give a timeline of when the list would be revealed.

The liberal group Demand Justice released its own shortlist of 17 Black women it says would make ideal justices, calling on Biden to follow Trump’s lead in releasing a list.

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RNLA Honors Joanne Young as the 2020 Republican Lawyer of the Year

The Board of Governors of the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) has named Joanne W. Young of Washington, D.C., the 2020 Republican Lawyer of the Year.

Mrs. Young was selected in recognition of her outstanding professional accomplishments and years of tireless dedication in service to the Republican Party. She was honored at a reception in Washington, DC, on Thursday, September 17, 2020.

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President Trump, AG Barr Defend America and Founding Principles on Constitution Day

We've reached a point in our history where, to the mainstream media and liberals, the values of freedom and liberty, so fundamental to our nation, have become controversial and even "racist."  In honor of the 233rd anniversary of the signing of the Constitution today, both President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr gave strong defenses of America's founding principles, which are enshrined in the Constitution.

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Must Watch: "Safeguard: An Electoral College Story"

In recent years, the Electoral College has been under attack. A total of 16 jurisdictions have signed on to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact which would ultimately render the Electoral College useless. Signatories have pledged to cast their electoral votes for whoever wins the national popular vote once the Compact has been signed by enough states to reach 270 electoral votes. But what would actually happen if the Electoral College was abolished? Safeguard: An Electoral College Story takes a look at that question and explains the history behind the institution.

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NE States Continue to Struggle with Voting By Mail

With less than 50 days until Election Day, some northeastern states continue to struggle with voting by mail.  The most recent issues have arisen in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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2020 Republican Lawyer of the Year Joanne Young Will Be Honored Thursday

RNLA's Vice Chair Joanne Young was selected by the Board of Governors as the 2020 Republican Lawyer of the Year.  This annual award recognizes a lawyer for his or her outstanding professional accomplishments and years of dedicated service to the Republican Party and its ideals.  Ms. Young is particularly deserving of this award, and a presidential election year is fitting timing for presenting it to her.  She has been unwavering in her efforts to promote election integrity in her home of Washington, DC, and around the country through the RNLA and the Lawyers Democracy Fund.

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