Republicans to Biden: Our Families Are Hurting, Our Country Can Do Better

Last night’s dueling addresses at the State of the Union between President Joe Biden and Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) leave no doubt the Republican Party is focused on restoring economic prosperity and safety to American families battered by the failed policies of the Biden administration.

Britt, 42, the first woman elected to the Senate from Alabama and the youngest woman ever elected to the chamber, gave an optimistic and forward-looking response to Biden’s unhinged, at times angry address. Biden, 81, largely gaslighted the American people claiming his policies turned “[COVID] setback into comeback.”

Britt, an Alabama attorney who lives in Montgomery with her husband and two school-age children, brought the perspective of everyday Americans who are struggling under the realities of Biden’s failures: high crime, high gas prices, high food costs and high rents.

Sen. Katie Britt Delivers the Republican Response to the State of the Union

“The country we know and love seems to be slipping away and it feels like the next generation will have fewer opportunities and less freedoms than we did,” Britt said. “Right now, the American Dream has turned into a nightmare for so many families. The true, unvarnished state of our union begins and ends with this: our families are hurting our country can do better.”

Britt went on to note Biden’s “reckless spending dug our economy into a hole and sent the cost of living through the roof.

“We have the worst inflation in 40 years and the highest credit card debt in our nation's history. Hard working families are struggling to make ends meet today. And with soaring mortgage rates and sky-high childcare costs, they're also struggling to plan for tomorrow. The American people are scraping by while President Biden proudly proclaims that Bidenomics is working. Bless his heart. We know better.”

Britt emphasized the need to restore law and order to a nation victimized by a Democrat-induced crime wave, coming in part from a border crisis he not only created, but “invited.”

“President Biden invited it with 94 executive actions in his first 100 days,” Britt explained as she addressed the nation from her kitchen table. “From fentanyl poisonings to horrific murders, there are empty chairs tonight at kitchen tables, just like this one. Because of President Biden's senseless border policies.”

Britt closed her response by reminding us “our history has been written with the grit of men and women who got knocked down, but we know their stories because they did not stay down. We are here because they stood back up. Now it is our turn, our moment to stand up and prove ourselves worthy of protecting the American dream.”

Republicans were smart to put forward Britt, a vice presidential contender, as a foil to aging President Biden. Her concerns are shared by millions of Americans juggling careers and the demands of raising children and running a household. Britt brought a much-needed voice to the hyper-partisan political rhetoric that dominates so much of our political debate. We hope we see a lot more of her in the coming years.