Fani Willis' Own Words Condemn Her

Events took an unexpected and dramatic turn in an Atlanta court on Thursday in the Georgia case against Donald Trump. Neither Fani Willis, Fulton County District Attorney, nor Nathan Wade, a former special prosecutor for the DA's office, had planned on testifying. But, following a witness testimony that the two had begun a romantic relationship far earlier than had previously been acknowledged, both took to the witness stand. 

Willis was asked about local rules prohibiting paying or employing family or intimate friends. Willis claimed Wade not as an employee but a contractor or "agent."

When asked about another rule barring the receipt of the aggregate of more than $100 from an employee or contractor, Willis claimed while she may have accepted more than $100 from Wade, it balanced out in the end because she bought things for him. Both, however, insisted they dealt in cash with no receipts or records.

Willis testified she had at times used a cash transfer app to pay a friend but did not use it to reimburse Wade. One defense attorney intimated that was because the two were trying to avoid any record of their financial dealings.

Willis said she regularly had large "cash hoards" in her home and traveled with cash rather than using checks or credit cards.

An angry and defiant Willis lashed out at one defense attorney claiming they had lied, "It is a lie! It is a lie!" This eruption caused Judge Scott McAfee to temporarily halt the hearing so Ms. Willis could collect herself. McAfee warned her that if she couldn't control her outbursts, he would have to strike her testimony.

While her testimony was damming, her ex-lover testimony was equally as damning. As Megyn Kelly posted:

Even Willis own words come back to haunt her. It didn't take long for internet sleuths to post a video clip of Willis when she ran for DA which undercut her testimony about her problematic romantic and financial entanglements with Wade.