An Outstanding 9th Circuit Nominee Marks a Test for Democrats

Many have long believed that Democrats use race as a political weapon, especially against those of a protected class.  This has long been part of judicial nominations politics in particular.  Form the “high tech lynching” of Clarence Thomas during the George H.W. Bush administration to the fact that Senator Dick Durbin led opposition to Miguel Estrada during the George W. Bush administration for the racist reason that he did not want a Republican to nominate the first Hispanic to be on the Supreme Court.  Now comes another test for the Democrats. 

Today President Donald Trump nominated the first openly gay person to a federal circuit court, Patrick Bumatay.  Bumatay is also a minority and most importantly an outstanding nominee for the Ninth Circuit.  His background is very impressive.

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Harmeet Dhillon: Protecting Access to CA Ballot and Defending Kavanaugh

RNLA Vice President for Communications and 2018 Republican Lawyer of the Year Harmeet Dhillon had a busy day pushing back against the efforts to #Resist President Trump.  She wrote an op-ed defending Justice Brett Kavanaugh against the latest attacks by the Democrats and the liberal media and she won an injunction against California's thinly veiled effort to keep President Trump off the ballot next year.

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Sore Loser Abrams Inspires Hillary Clinton to Whine Some More

Despite the election being almost three years ago, former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton restarted her whiny, sore-loser tour Tuesday accusing Republicans of all kinds of election malfeasance.  According to The Hill she was inspired to restart her groundless attacks and excuse tour by 2018’s sorest loser Stacey Abrams.

On Tuesday, addressing a group of about 300 people in Washington, Clinton said she was moved back into the spotlight by work done by those such as Stacey Abrams, the Democratic nominee for governor in Georgia in 2018. 

Abrams has said that election was stolen from her and formed a voting rights group to combat allegations of suppression at the polls.

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The Left's War Against Judicial Independence

As we celebrate Constitution Day today, it is worth remembering that the Founders carefully wrote the Constitution to ensure that our third branch of government was independent through mechanisms such as life tenure, the prohibition against diminution of salary, and the nomination and confirmation mechanism itself, and that judicial independence is what preserves the Constitution and our system of government.  

Yet many liberals now want to undermine the independence of the judiciary because judges do not always reach the outcomes they desire to advance their progressive policy goals.  

Or perhaps more accurately, they are attempting to redefine judicial independence to mean a judiciary that advances progressive policy goals and interests.  

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Democrats Again Prove There Are No Depths They Won't Sink to in Their Attacks on Kavanaugh

The left is again regurgitating the vomit of fake accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  And the Democrats running for President are ready to impeach Justice Kavanaugh.  Of course, there is no evidence for the allegations and it is important to begin with what the goal is.  As Paul Mirengoff writes over at Powerline:  

The left has managed to keep Anita Hill’s trivial and uncorroborated allegations against Clarence Thomas alive and talked about for nearly 30 years. Thus, it’s not surprising that the left is still out to smear Brett Kavanaugh along similar lines. The focus now is on how Kavanaugh behaved, or is alleged to have behaved, towards women at parties during his freshman year at Yale 35 years (or so) ago.

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Today's Liberals Are Getting Called out by RBG

On the Presidential Primary debate stage and in general, Democrats and their liberal base have gone so far left that they are regularly getting called out by liberal-icon Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  This is because, while Justice Ginsburg is still very liberal and no friend of moderates or conservatives, she is looking at least rational and realistic.  Let’s run through a few issues and items.

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Republicans Confirm 150 Judges Even as Democrats Fight Dirty

Yesterday marked an impressive milestone for the Senate and Trump Administration, the 150th new judge was confirmed during the Trump Administration:

Six district court nominees won confirmation Wednesday, bringing the president’s total number of appointed judges to the lower federal courts to 105. Mr. Trump has also appointed 43 circuit court nominees and two Supreme Court justices since taking office.

The pace has far outdone President Obama, who only saw 20 circuit court nominees and 74 district court judges confirmed during the same period of time. Mr. Obama, though, like Mr. Trump had two Supreme Court appointments within his first three years.

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Trump Nominee Attacked for Defending Israel and Attorney-Client Privilege

President Trump nominated Steven Menashi to the Second Circuit. In a fair world, Mr. Menashi would breeze through the hearings. The liberal gold standard of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, the American Bar Association, rated him “well qualified.” His personal background is also inspiring. Menashi’s paternal grandparents were Iraqi Jews, living in Baghdad, before moving to Tehran and then finding a home in Israel. His grandmother survived the Farhud, a violent pogrom against the Jewish community of Baghdad in 1941, by fleeing the city for the countryside. Menashi’s grandfather fled Ukraine for the United States at age 16 and his maternal grandmother’s family emigrated from Lithuania.

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Gorsuch's New Book Provides Insight into his Philosophy

Today, Justice Gorsuch's new book, A Republic if You Can Keep was officially released.

Early reviews and comments indicate that President Trump hit a home run when he nominated Justice Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Here are few quotes about and from the book that have come out in the last few days.      

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Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer Again in Hot Water

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick, infamously mispresented his client’s views in his effort to defame Justice Kavanaugh.  Avenatti was on his never-ending crusade for publicity that has him currently facing trial for extortion.  Now, the actions of another lawyer for a Kavanaugh accuser are raising questions about their motives and the underlying accusations. 

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