Key Moments from Day 5 of Kavanaugh Hearing

Today's continuation of the Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh was a long, heart-wrenching day of testimony by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh.  Both described how their families have faced threats and harassment since Dr. Ford's accusations were made public 10 days ago.  


Here are some of the remarkable moments from the day:

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New Lows for the Left in Attacking Judge Kavanaugh

RNLA Vice President for Communications Harmeet Dhillon wrote today's blog post.


Back in July, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer promised to oppose Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court with “everything I’ve got.” Then in the confirmation hearings earlier this month, Judge Kavanaugh’s competence, intelligence, diligence, and character shone. 


At Kavanaugh’s hearing, the Democrats looked foolish. Senator Cory Booker had his self-identified “Spartacus” moment where he claimed to release confidential information when it was not confidential (and proved Kavanaugh agreed with him on civil rights).  Senator Kamala Harris teased a smoking gun that somehow Kavanaugh was connected to a law firm that represents President Trump personally, only to come up empty.  Senator Schumer used an obscure procedural motion to shut down the Senate for a day, only to have the hearing go ahead and the full Senate confirm eight lower court judges with less debate.    


The far left was furious at Schumer’s failure and the belly-flops by Democrat senators on Judiciary. The Schumer-led Senate Democrats turned to trying to score political hits based on unsubstantiated allegations that attempt to viciously destroy a good man’s character, and forever tar him and his family with these defamatory claims. 

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Kavanaugh Smears Are Just Latest Tactic in Democrats' Hypocritical Judicial Confirmation Playbook

Thomas Jipping reminds us that the smears against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, while reprehensible, are just the latest of the inconsistent, partisan means by which Democrats have evaluated judicial nominees:

Partisan double standards, ignoring what really matters, smears, turning basic notions of fairness on their head — that is what it means to use “whatever means necessary.” Schumer is keeping his promise of opposing Kavanaugh with everything he has. It won’t be enough.

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Thank You Senators for Standing Up to the Smear Campaign Against Judge Kavanaugh

Led by Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley Republican Senators have patiently listened and investigated the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.  The results at every turn back Judge Kavanaugh and it can be considered telling that the only person not to provide a statement to the committee (which are subject to criminal penalties for perjury) is Dr. Ford.  That has made Democrats more desperate in their smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh. 

Now other Senators have gotten into this fight to stop the effort to smear a great man and Judge.  Let’s start with Leader Mitch McConnell's speech today:

Democrats have signaled for months they’d put on whatever performance the far-left special interests demanded and throw all the mud they could manufacture. Well, it’s not like they didn’t warn us. But even by the far left’s standards, this shameful smear campaign has hit a new low. I’ll get into the specifics in just a moment. But I want to be perfectly clear about what has taken place.

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Dr. Ford is Being Used for Partisan Purposes

Part of proving or disproving an allegation is the accused's right to respond to an allegation. There is a long precedent in the United States and society in general for thousands of years that the accuser must go first.  The accused gets a chance to respond.  Yet the lawyers for Dr. Ford said:  

Kavanaugh must testify first, before Ford. This, according to congressional aides, is a non-starter. It's not how the committee works, and given Kavanaugh would need to respond to Ford's testimony, will not occur.


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RNLA Women Leaders React to Democrats' Treatment of Women's Accusations

Today, RNLA Co-Chair Joanne Young and RNLA Vice President for Communications Harmeet Dhillon issued a statement about how Democrats use allegations of mistreatment by women for partisan purposes.

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Grassley Faces More Stonewalling as He Tries to Investigate Dr. Ford's Allegations

Since the allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford were made public on Sunday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has done everything possible to ensure that the Senate investigates the claims and is able to evaluate their truth before moving forward with the nomination.  Yet despite the Democrats claiming that this is what they wanted, as Chairman Grassley has attempted to work with them, Senate Democrats and Dr. Ford's attorneys now claim that they want the Senate to wait for the results of an FBI investigation that the FBI says is not going to happen.  This reveals the Democrats' true goal, even more than the politically opportune timing of when Dr. Ford's accusations were leaked: delaying Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation until after the November elections in the hope of taking the Senate and blocking all future judicial nominations by President Trump.

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Senate Judiciary Democrats' Answers Don’t Add Up to Fairness But Delay

Led by Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein, Democrats seem not to be interested in getting to the truth of the accusations by Christine Blasey Ford but rather in delaying the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Let’s briefly analyze a few of Democrats' demands.

Accusation   “Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee who was first informed of Ford's accusation in July when the woman requested anonymity, denounced Republicans' efforts to limit the hearing to two witnesses.”

Reality:  Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein had the opportunity to select more than a dozen witnesses the last day of the scheduled Kavanaugh hearing.  She selected John Dean as the lead witness and did not even mention this matter.  “Dean is among more than a dozen witnesses selected by Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. The former White House counsel 'will speak about the abuse of executive power' during his appearance, according to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), the top Democrat on the panel."

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Democrats Playing Politics Late in Thorough Vetting Process for Kavanaugh

The confirmation battle over the nomination of D.C. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is back in the headlines after The Intercept reported on Wednesday that Senator Dianne Feinstein was keeping a document from her Senate Judiciary Committee Democratic colleagues that was regarding an incident involving Brett Kavanaugh in high school.  On Thursday, Senator Feinstein issued a statement that she had "information" on Judge Kavanaugh from an individual who requested confidentiality.  On Sunday, The Washington Post reported the identity of the accuser -- California research psychologist Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. 

While the story recounted by Dr. Ford is harrowing, this is not the proper way to handle an allegation of sexual assault against a nominee for high office, for the sake of everyone involved -- the accused nominee, the woman making the accusation, and the state of our political discourse and process.  Instead of using the confirmation process to vet the accusation, Senator Feinstein has held onto it until the last moment, releasing it at a time when she thinks it can be used to smear Judge Kavanaugh without giving the allegation a complete evaluation and hearing.  

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Sen. Collins Will Not Be Swayed by Abhorrent, Potentially Illegal Intimidation from Liberals on Kavanaugh

Radical liberal organizations are trying to intimidate Republican Senator Susan Collins from Maine into voting against the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, even resorting to potentially illegal bribery and threatening her staff members.  The Wall Street Journal described the abhorrent campaign of intimidation against Senator Collins:

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