Judge Ken Starr reflects on the Special Counsel, AG Barr, role of Congress during the 2019 National Policy Conference

On April 5, the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) held its 19th annual National Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. This event was widely attended by members and attorneys from across the country to hear from policy and legal experts. The morning sessions were broadcasted live on C-SPAN.

One of the most popular sessions was a discussion by former Independent Counsel, Judge Kenneth Starr. He spoke about his recently released book, Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation which recounts the investigation he led some twenty years prior and how its impact continues to ripple through today.

Judge Starr’s timely speech to attendees offered the lens of his experience as Independent Counsel in a current political world consumed by the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation.

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Joe Biden Is Apologizing to the Wrong Person

Joe Biden's announcement that he is running for President was unique in that the prelude included several apologies or near apologies for his behavior toward women.  Among those apologies was one to Anita Hill, who falsely accused Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment.  As former Associate White House Counsel Mark Paoletta wrote a few years back when the Hill-Thomas subject was being brought up in relation to the Bill Cosby and Roger Ailes matters:

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Democrats on Tour Attacking Ballot Integrity Laws

Democrats have taken to a nationwide inquisition questioning the election laws and voting processes of Republican-leaning states that Trump won in 2016. Under the guise of topics like “voting rights”, the House Subcommittee on Elections has been conducting field hearings from North Dakota and Ohio to Texas and Georgia.

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Mueller Report Confirms: Obama Failed and Trump is Innocent

The Mueller Report tells the country in granular detail the ground covered by Special Counsel Robert Mueller while investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election. 

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Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Census Citizenship Question Case

This morning, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in Department of Commerce v. New York concerning whether the plan to include a question on citizenship on the 2020 census violated either the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) or the Constitution's enumeration clause.  Solicitor General Noel Francisco represented the United States in defense of adding the question, and three advocates argued on behalf of Democrat-controlled states, liberal organizations, and the U.S. House against including the question.  

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Trump sues to block subpoena from House Democrats seeking personal finance records

Once again, Democrats are playing politics to hurt the President instead of legislating to help the American people.

Earlier this month the Democratic Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings, issued a subpoena to an accountant of President Trump’s to probe into his personal business records.

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Republican Leaders React to the Mueller Report

After a two-year investigation and $25 million later, the long-anticipated report by special counsel Robert Mueller has finally been released.

As Attorney General Bill Barr previously announced, the report found no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election.

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Are House Democrats Using a Liar as an Excuse to Abuse Their Power?

The Russian collusion narrative is now a total bust for Democrats in their never-ending attacks on President Trump.  Now Democrats have turned to using admitted liar Michael Cohen, not to go after President Trump directly, but the banks and accounting firms he used long before he was President.   

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Liberal Dark Money Group Run By Clinton Aide Continues Groundless Attack on Kavanaugh

Despite criminal referrals and the involvement of ne'er-do-wells like Michael Avenatti, one group, “Demand Justice,” is continuing its groundless attacks on Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  As Ashe Schow writes in the Dailywire in an article entitled “Former Hillary Clinton Spox Is Trying To Get Brett Kavanaugh Fired From His Teaching Job:”

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No Legal Basis To Release Full Mueller Report

On Thursday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report will be released to the public. Democrats are wasting no time with their disgraceful antics, already accusing Attorney General Bill Barr of political cover up for redacting portions of the report.

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