Republican AGs Go to Court as Title 42 Expires

Last Friday, the Biden Border Crisis reached a new stage with the expiration of Title 42, a Trump-era policy that used public health authority to quell immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border. The Biden Administration claims that it will be tougher on border issues moving forward, but reality shows otherwise. Former Trump Department of Homeland Security officials explained:

Beginning on Friday, all illegal aliens apprehended at the southern border will be put into Title 8 immigration proceedings and will be subject to "expedited removal." Though the Biden administration makes this sound like an effective enforcement policy, it is merely an optical misdirection. 

What the administration is not telling the American people is that there is a glaring loophole in expedited removal that the cartels coach aliens to exploit — the ability to claim asylum regardless of how dubious the claim. 

Republican attorneys general are fighting back against the disastrous border policies being implemented by the Biden Administration.

In Florida, Attorney General Ashley Moody has earned victory after victory in a suit challenging the Administration's "mass release" policy. 

Fox News reported:

Wetherell found, in an order on Tuesday, that "Florida is entitled to a preliminary injunction prohibiting DHS from "paroling" aliens into the country under the Parole with Conditions policy."

He said that the order is in the public interest as it would "promote respect for the rule of law by not allowing DHS to achieve what amounts to an end-run around this Court’s decision in Florida through the adoption of a functionally identical policy to the Parole + ATD invalidated in that case." He also found that the injunction is necessary to prevent harm to Florida, which had argued it would be negatively affected by a mass release of migrants – some of whom would travel to Florida.

In Texas, Attorney General Ken Paxton is also challenging the Biden Administration's dangerous protocols. He has joined with America First Legal and a coalition of states in the lawsuit.

We applaud Republican attorneys general across the country for their commitment to the rule of lawwhich the Biden Administration has seemed to completely disregard with its border policies.