Voters in Louisiana Overwhelmingly Select Republican Jeff Landry as Their Next Governor

This past weekend, Louisianans overwhelmingly selected Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry to replace two term Democrat John Bel Edwards as governor of the state and enshrined an important election integrity measure in their state’s constitution.

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Leftist Law Student Reaps Consequences of Radical Ideology

At least one leftist law student has reaped the consequences of espousing radical and dangerous ideology in response to the barbaric attacks by Hamas terrorists against Israel this past weekend. National Review reported:  

Chicago-based law firm Winston & Strawn LLP rescinded a law student’s offer of employment, after the student said that Hamas’s slaughter of innocent Israeli children was “necessary.”

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Border Crisis Continues to Rage as Biden Admin Denies Responsibility

The Biden Border Crisis has reached a new milestone with a record number of individuals crossing the southern border in September. According to the New York Post:

A record-setting number of migrants crossed the southern border into the United States in September, with over 260,000 encounters reported by Customs and Border Protection in the last 30 days, according to a report.

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Heritage: SCOTUS Cases to Watch as Court Starts Term

Two of the most accomplished attorneys in the United States came together at The Heritage Foundation last month to discuss the 2023-2024 Supreme Court term which kicks off this week. The first speaker, Paul Clement, is a Partner at Clement and Murphy, PLLC, and was the 43rd Solicitor General of the United States. The second speaker, Lisa Blatt, is a Partner and Chair of the Supreme Court and Appellate Practice at Williams and Connolly LLP.

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Klobuchar AGAIN Tries to Restrict Free Speech

Senator Amy Klobuchar never seems to give up on her efforts to restrict political speech. Even after her failed efforts at enacting regulations for “Honest Ads” and last Congress’ S. 1 effort (nicknamed the “Corrupt Politicians Act”), the Senate Rules Chair is back with a new effort to restrict the speech of non-Democrats. This time, it is the Protect Elections from Deceptive AI Act (S. 2770). As Senator Bill Hagerty pointed out at a Senate Rules hearing earlier this week:

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House Admin Conducts Important Oversight of Federal Election Commission

On Wednesday, the Committee on House Administration held the first formal oversight hearing of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in over a decade. Chairman Bryan Steil explained in his opening remarks:

Today marks the first time in twelve years the Federal Election Commission, or the FEC, has come before the Committee on House Administration.

As Chairman of this Committee, I’m focused on building Americans’ confidence in our elections by making it easy to vote and hard to cheat. . .

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Rep. Hageman to Join RNLA on Friday after Judiciary Hearing with AG Garland

On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee held an oversight hearing of the Department of Justice. Attorney General Merrick Garland spent the marathon hearing denying the agency's weaponization against everyday Americans and deflecting questions about its ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden.

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Biden Judicial Nominees are as Bad as Ever

Congress is back from its August recess, and Biden's judicial nominees up for confirmation by the Senate are as bad as ever. Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee met to consider several nominees. Of particular concern to Committee Republicans were Richard Federico, nominated to the Tenth Circuit, and Eumi Lee, nominated to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. 

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley grilled Federico on a case where he advocated for a sentence as defense counsel well below the recommended guidlines for a case involving child sexual abuse material. The Daily Wire reported:

Hawley began by laying out the details of the case he was referring to, noting that the sentencing guidelines recommended up to 240 months — or 20 years — in prison. The recommended range, he said, was from 210 months to 240 — but Federico had asked for just 105 months. . .

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RNLA to Host Webinar with Author of "Richard Nixon: California's Native Son"

On Friday, RNLA will host Paul Carter, author of Richard Nixon: California's Native Son, for its first webinar of the fall. (Register here!) As the book summary explains, Carter's research takes a fresh look at the life of President Richard Nixon and traces his life journey wich began and ended in Southern California:

Modern biographies of Richard Nixon have been consumed with Watergate. All have missed arguably the most important perspective on Nixon as California’s native son, the only U.S. president born and raised in California. In addition, Nixon was also a son, brother, friend, husband, father, uncle, and grandfather. By shifting the focus from Watergate and Washington to Nixon’s deep, defining roots in California, Paul Carter boldly challenges common conceptions of the thirty-seventh president of the United States.

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The Reality Behind the Bogus Allegations Against Justice Thomas

On Thursday, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' financial disclosure report for 2022 was released to the public. Attorney for Justice Thomas Elliot Berke summarized: "I am confident there has been no willful ethics transgression, and any prior reporting errors were strictly inadvertent."

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