Biden Border Crisis Continues to Deepen

In recent weeks, the Biden Border Crisis has reached levels previously thought to be unimaginable: 

  • On a single day in December 2023, U.S. Customs and Border Protection experienced over 12,600 migrant encounters. 
  • The highest monthly number in history was also set for migrant encounters on the southern border at 302,000.
  • Federal immigration courts have an unprecedented backlog of 3 million pending cases—with a million cases being added in 2023.

As a result, Republican-run states like Texas are stepping in where the Biden Administration has failed to protect our borders. Just this week, the state seized land on the border for future border protection operations. Fox News reported:

Texas took control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, an area that had previously served as a staging area for processing during migrant surges in the busy crossing area, on Wednesday. 

The Texas Military Department said the move was to prepare for future illegal immigrant surges and to stop organizations that "perpetuate illegal immigrant crossings in the park and greater Eagle Pass area." 

The Biden Administration opposes this move and is threatening legal action against Texas:

The Biden administration has already complained to the Supreme Court about the matter, as part of ongoing litigation over the Biden administration's cutting of razor wire set up by Texas to stop illegal crossings. The administration has sued separately over the setting up of buoys in the Rio Grande and a recent anti-illegal immigration law signed into law by Abbott that allows state and local law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants.

Despite the threats, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has vowed to continue to protect the border.

At the federal level, House Republicans are pursuing impeachment against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who heads the agency largely responsible for border security. House Homeland Security Republicans said:

“After our nearly year-long investigation and subsequent impeachment proceedings, and having exhausted all other options to hold him accountable, it is unmistakably clear to all of us—and to the American people—that Congress must exercise its constitutional duty and impeach Secretary Mayorkas. The Secretary has consistently willfully and systemically refused to follow the laws passed by Congress, abused his authority, and breached the trust of Congress and the American people on numerous occasions. The result of his failure to fulfill his oath of office has been a border crisis that is unprecedented in American history—a crisis that has cost the lives of thousands of Secretary Mayorkas’ fellow Americans.”

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