Top Blogs of 2023: Part 1 - Attacks on the Rule of Law

RNLA's blog covered a wide variety of topics in 2023 including attacks on the rule of law from the radical left. RNLA covered everything from radical Biden judicial nominees, attacks on the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, and more. We hope you enjoy this recap of some of RNLA's top blog posts of 2023!


10. Durbin "Destroys" the Senate Judiciary Committee (November 30, 2023)

Thursday's Senate Judiciary hearing was truly astonishing. Democrats played procedural games in an attempt to silence Republicans on the Committee, voted to send radical judicial nominees to the Senate floor, and authorized subpoenas against Leonard Leo and Harlan Crow—marking a new chapter in the Democrats' witch hunt against conservative Supreme Court Justices. . .

As Comfortably Smug noted on Twitter, everyone should be paying attention to the "insanity" taking place in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Democrats are doing everything they can to target conservatives as part of their efforts to delegitimize the Court.

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9. The Reality Behind the Bogus Allegations Against Justice Thomas (September 1, 2023)

On Thursday, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' financial disclosure report for 2022 was released to the public. Attorney for Justice Thomas Elliot Berke summarized: "I am confident there has been no willful ethics transgression, and any prior reporting errors were strictly inadvertent."

Berke's statement catalogues the harassment Justice Thomas has been subjected to by left-wing groups obsessed delegitimizing the Court which is now more ideologically conservative than it has been in decades:

No Justice, Justice Thomas included, should be subjected to such political blood sport. It is painfully obvious that these attacks are motivated by hatred for his judicial philosophy, not by any real belief in any ethical lapses.

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8. Students Shout Down Federal Judge at Stanford Law School (March 13, 2023)

Beyond being unbecoming of future lawyers, the actions of the disruptors was in clear violation of the school's free speech policy which states:

It is a violation of University policy for a member of the faculty, staff, or student body to:

Prevent or disrupt the effective carrying out of a University function or approved activity, such as lectures, meetings, interviews, ceremonies, the conduct of University business in a University office, and public events.

In a sane world, school administration would have intervened, and Judge Duncan would have completed his remarks. Instead, the opposite happened.

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7. SCOTUS Deals Fatal Blow to Affirmative Action in Higher Education (June 29, 2023)

Charles C.W. Cooke notes that the decision is "A Victory for Clarence Thomas," who has advocated against affirmative action for decades and took the opportunity to write a concurring opinion laying out his thoughts on the matter:

Some people, Thomas notes, seem to believe that affirmative action is substantially different from earlier forms of injustice, because, in practice, the “[14th] Amendment forbids only laws that hurt, but not help, blacks.” But, he avers, “such a theory lacks any basis in the original meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment,” which declared that “the color of a person’s skin is irrelevant to that individual’s equal status as a citizen of this Nation” and that “to treat him differently on the basis of such a legally irrelevant trait is therefore a deviation from the equality principle and a constitutional injury.” If we are to stay faithful to the law, Thomas submits, “we cannot be guided by those who would desire less in our Constitution, or by those who would desire more.” That those who would opt out are elite colleges instead of segregationists is irrelevant. “Universities’ self-proclaimed righteousness does not afford them license to discriminate on the basis of race,” he affirms. “In fact, it is error for a court to defer to the views of an alleged discriminator while assessing claims of racial discrimination.”

You can read the Justices' opinions here. . .

Democrats are already pushing back against the Court's ruling, but the reality is that most Americans agree with the outcome of these cases.

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6. Hunter Biden Plea Deal Unravels (July 26, 2023)

On Wednesday, Hunter Biden was expected to plead guilty and accept a plea deal for a felony gun possession charge and two misdemeanor tax crimes. However, the deal fell through when Delaware U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika expressed concerns about the scope of the agreement. National Review reported:

Noreika described the deal struck with U.S. Attorney David Weiss of Delaware as “unusual” and questioned why the deal contained some “non-standard terms,” such as “broad immunity” from other potential charges.

When she asked prosecutor Leo Wise if there was precedent for the kind of deal proposed, he replied, “No, your honor,” according to the New York Times.

Noreika asked prosecutors if Biden would be immune from prosecution for possible crimes such as violations related to representing foreign governments without registering. When they responded “no,” Hunter Biden’s legal team said the agreement was “null and void.”

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