Biden Impeachment Inquiry Headed to Full House for Vote on Wednesday Night

After approval from the House Rules Committee, the full House is expected to vote on officially initiating an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden. Fox News reported:

The House of Representatives is taking a vote to formalize its impeachment inquiry of President Biden on Wednesday evening, a move Republicans argue will force the White House into complying with its investigation.

The GOP-led committees on Oversight, Ways & Means and the Judiciary have been investigating Biden over accusations he had leveraged his office of vice president in the Obama administration to enrich his family through foreign businesses. 

It's been heavily centered on the president's brother James Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, who is under federal investigation for tax and firearm-related charges. Hunter Biden is also scheduled to appear before the House Oversight Committee for a closed-door deposition on Wednesday, though it's unclear if he will show up.

At Monday's Rules hearing, Republicans like Congressman Chip Roy masterfully laid out the case for a Biden impeachment inquiry.

Meanwhile, Democrats were acting like its 2019 and still obsessing over their outlandish impeachments of former President Donald Trump.

Despite Democrats' best efforts to rewrite history about past impeachment inquiries and President Biden's lack of honesty, Republicans remain committed to conducting the impeachment inquiry of Biden with accuracy and transparency.

Monday's House Rules hearing can be viewed in its entirety here.