Surprise, Surprise: The Anti-Law and Order Radical Left Throws Support Behind Hamas

There is a stark contrast between Israel and Hamas. There is also a stark contrast between their supporters.

On October 7, Hamas launched a surprise assault on Israel, using beheadings, torture, rape and kidnapping as their tools of warfare. Israel declared war in response, using traditional methods of warfare to secure the future safety of its people. Israel minimizes civilian casualties, while Hamas uses Israeli civilian hostages as bargaining chips and Palestinian civilians as human shields. The contrast between Israel and Hamas is jarring, and the difference extends to their support bases in America as well. Unsurprisingly, the radical Left is taking advantage of this conflict and using it as cover to engage in violent behavior reminiscent of the breakdown of law and order that occurred in many American cities in 2020.

Two recent pro-Palestine "protests" in Washington D.C. ended in violence. On October 18, hundreds of people descended on the United States House of Representatives Cannon Office Building. Clad in black clothing, protestors entered and began a demonstration in the rotunda. While allowed to gather outside the building, protestors are not allowed to demonstrate inside the government facility. At least three people were arrested for assaulting police officers and hundreds more were arrested for trespassing.  

A few weeks later on November 15, violent protests happened again — this time at the Democrat National Committee headquarters. Between 150-300 people took part. At least six police were injured when they were punched and pepper sprayed. Many individuals, including Democrat Congressman Brad Sherman, were evacuated during the attack.

A pro-Israel demonstration drew people together from across the country on November 14. Approximately 290,000 people were in attendance at the event – vastly exceeding predictions. It is the largest pro-Israel event in American History. Speakers showed their support for Israel’s right to exist, and bipartisan calls came for Hamas to release Israeli hostages. Notably, there were no reported arrests or violence at the event, providing a stark contrast 

Protests involving hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators dressed in black ended in violence, while a protest involving hundreds of thousands of Israel supporters took place without incident. The supporters of both movements use remarkably different methods.