Thomas Clerks: His "Integrity is Unimpeachable"

Over 100 of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' former law clerks have written a letter in his defense after months of baseless attacks by the radical Left on his credibility and character. Some excerpts from the letter read:

We’ve had a front-row seat to the Justice at work. Justice Thomas is a man of greatest intellect, of greatest faith, and of greatest patriotism. We know because we lived it. He is a man of unwavering principle. He welcomes the lone dissent. He is also a man of great humor and warmth and generosity. Walk the halls, and you’ll hear his laugh. Call, and he answers. His grandfather’s sayings become our sayings. His chambers become our chambers—a place fueled by unstoppable curiosity and unreturned library books, all to get every case just right. Those chambers become a way station for other Justices’ clerks too—a place where wisdom is freely shared by the man who made his way from Pin Point to the Supreme Court’s marbled halls. . .

Different paths led us to our year with Justice Thomas, and we have followed different paths since. But along the way, we all saw with our own eyes the same thing: His integrity is unimpeachable. And his independence is unshakable, deeply rooted seven decades ago as that young child who walked through the door of his grandparents’ house for a life forever changed.

Fox News noted that several prominent members of the legal profession and the judiciary are included as signatories to the letter:

The 112 signatories on the letter include current solicitors general, general counsels, partners at litigation firms and law professors. Three circuit court judges also signed the letter: David Stras on the 8th Circuit, Jim Ho of the 5th Circuit, and Allison Rushing, 4th Circuit.

As signatory Carrie Severino and Senator Mike Lee tweeted, the recent attacks on Justice Thomas are a continuation of a campaign against him that began over 30 years ago which Justice Thomas himself described as a "high tech lynching" during the his confirmation.

Democrats should be ashamed of their attacks on Justice Thomas and other conservative Supreme Court Justices as part of their attempts to delegitimize the Court.