Biden's Weaponization of the DOJ targets Pro-Lifers and Whistleblowers

No president has done more to destroy public faith in our justice system than Joe Biden. Consider how his political appointees are going after everyday Americans for simply exercising their faith, while ignoring the vast Biden family criminal network and leaving whistleblowers vulnerable to retaliation.

In recent months, the Biden Department of Justice’s (DOJ) virulent prosecution of a devout Christian father of eleven for his participation in a peaceful life-affirming gathering at a Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, abortion facility resulted in a conviction that could lead to an 11-year prison sentence. The Biden DOJ went after Paul Vaughn and five co-defendants under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act ("FACE”), a 1994 law which prohibits threats of force, obstruction and property damage intended to interfere with reproductive health care services.

Vaughn is being represented by the Thomas More Society. Senior Counsel Steve Crampton said the DOJ falsely characterized Vaughn’s “peaceful actions as a felony ‘conspiracy against rights,’ to intimidate and punish Paul and other pro-life people and people of faith.”

Four remaining defendants are scheduled to subsequently stand trial for misdemeanor violations of the FACE Act. Crampton said his client is considering an appeal. Sentencing is scheduled for July.

“Persecution of Vaughn and his co-defendants clearly demonstrated the Biden Department of Justice’s forceful attempt to silence its ideological opponents,” Crampton said.

A video of the prayer event outside the clinic appears to be peaceful. In contrast, radicalized members of the unhinged Left engaged in illegal protests outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices, in clear violation of federal and state law. The Biden DOJ has not charged those protestors, only the peaceful Christians who prayed outside the abortion clinic.