A Contrast Between Senate Leaders in Response to the New York Tragedy

On the attack yesterday in New York, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated:

Yesterday’s attack in Manhattan was sickening, twisted, and heartbreaking. The suspect appears to have been inspired by ISIL. We know that in the days ahead our intelligence community will make every effort to learn more about him, and whether he had any connection to this terror group and its hateful ideology.

But today, we are thinking of everyone affected by this tragedy. We are praying for the victims and their families. We are thinking of our fellow Americans in New York. We are expressing our gratitude for the critical work of our first responders. To them we say: Thank you for your courage. Thank you for all you do. Especially in the face of such a terrible tragedy, like we witnessed yesterday.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Democrat Charles Schumer called for more anti-terrorism funding.

Schumer’s office released a statement, challenging the president to focus on anti-terrorism funding. 

The Leader calling for an investigation, praying, and thanking first responders versus a leader engaging in political attacks to ask for more funding before the details are even known for sure.  Thank you, Leader McConnell.