A New Way for a D to Win in an R District

The left always tries to define vote fraud as narrowly as possible and often misses the point. However, we will readily admit the following does not fit in the category of vote fraud but does fit in the  theme that some Democrats will do almost anything to win an election:

Former state Representative Damon Baldone wants it all on this fall's ballot to be listed as a Democrat and a Republican.

Baldone, a candidate for the state House on the Oct. 24 ballot, filed a petition today in state court seeking to force the Terrebonne Parish Registrar of Voters to allow the dual registration.

Registrar Rhonda Rogers rejected the Houma lawyer's attempt at dual registration this morning and listed his party affiliation as “other.” . . . 

Baldone is a former Democratic member of the Louisiana House of Representatives. He represented the 53rd District from 2001 to 2012.


Baldone is running for the seat of a term-limited Republican and presumably feels being a Republican is necessary to win the election.  Baldone’s efforts will hopefully fail.  More unfortunately it is not even close to the most ethically ridiculous thing we have heard a Democrat trying to do to win an election.