A New York Democrat Explains Why Voter ID is Necessary

Councilman Vincent Gentile of New York spilled the beans and said what all HONEST candidates in New York know, Elections need ID.

The candidate said his personal experiences as a politician in New York, one of the 18 states nationwide with no voter ID laws, had made him a supporter of the measures.

All of us who’ve run before are, can tell you stories about what happens on Election Day,” he said.

We have often detailed the problems in New York with election fraud.  Vincent Gentile is not just a local councilman.  He is the Democrat Party Nominee for the open Congressional seat in the eleventh district.  Gentile added:

“There should be some kind of identification when a person presents themselves to vote,” Mr. Gentile said. “Whether it’s a photo, or something, there should be some kind of identification presented that is secure on Election Day before you’re able to vote.”

Of course other liberals, including his own campaign staff disagreed with him. Gentile will be taken to the woodshed for speaking the truth openly.  Gentile let the cat out of the bag.  Vote fraud is real and Voter ID can help stop it. Don’t take our word for it; take the word of this elected Democrat running for Congress.