A prime example why Vote Fraud is so Hard to Prosecute

James Allan Jenkins with ten others concocted a scheme to fraudulently win an election in Texas to close down a road utility district (RUD).  His own testimony was:

Jenkins and other members of the RUD group claim a residence for “voting purposes only” can be separate from their residence. However, jury members didn’t see it that way.

A residence for voting that is separate from a residence for living?  Can you imagine what Ohio would look like in 2016 if that was the standard?  Every hotel room would be filled with a Democrat or Republican operative.  Campaigns would not be turning out the vote but turning out the operatives.  Of course, this is what Democrats have been doing for years in Same Day Registration states be it Joe Biden’s niece, or a massive organized effort in Wisconsin with temporary campaign workers voting in states that are not the locations of their residences. 

This case is from 2010 and it is still not over.  An appellate court reversed the jury verdict and Texas’ highest criminal court is now reviewing it


So five years later and there is still not a final verdict in a case where the defendant admitted vote fraud!