Abudu May Be Biden's Most Radical Judicial Nominee Yet

On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee considered five of President Biden's judicial nominations. Most notable was the consideration of nominee Nancy Abudu to the Eleventh Circuit. RNLA is formally opposing the nomination of Ms. Abudu because:

[H]er views are extreme and fall outside of the mainstream. RNLA has only formally opposed one other judicial nominee made by the Biden Administration. We oppose Ms. Abudu because her views and rhetoric go beyond that of even progressive activists, and we see no reason to believe that she will be an impartial judge on the “hot button” issue of election law. 

For instance, Ms. Abudu has likened the loss of felons' right to vote to slavery, implied that laws requiring photo ID and proof of citizenship to vote are voter suppression, and labeled senators who oppose the Democrats' attempts at a federal takeover of elections as similar to “pro-Jim Crow senators of the past.” 

Ms. Abudu currently works as the Strategic Litigation Director for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which Senator Ben Sasse described as an organization that raises "their money largely by defaming people that they disagree with."  

Astonishingly, Ms. Abudu repeatedly refused during today's hearing to comment on her employer's history of labeling mainstream conservative organizations as "hate groups," arguing that she is not involved in making those decisions.

To take things further, Ms. Abudu refused to substantively comment on things that are clearly under her purview as Strategic Litigation Director, such as past and currently pending litigation. By her own admission, this litigation is not limited to voting rights cases as she implied at times during Wednesday's hearing.

There's no doubt that Ms. Abudu is one of the most radical nominees that President Biden has nominated to the federal judiciary.

Read RNLA's full letter in opposition to the nomination of Nancy Abudu to the Eleventh Circuit here.