Another Attempt to Criminalize Politics Fails as Charges Against Rick Perry Dismissed

Former Governor Rick Perry of Texas has been cleared of charges in yet another partisan witch hunt by Democrats.  District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg's office filed charges against Perry because Perry threatened to veto funding for Lehmberg's office when she refused to resign after she was arrested and convicted for drunken driving.  In a victory for the rule of law

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Wednesday ruled that courts could not limit veto power and that prosecuting Perry over his action violates “the separation of powers provision of the Texas Constitution” and infringed on his First Amendment right to freedom of speech. . . .

"The court upheld the rule of law and the fundamental right of any person to speak freely without fear of political interference or legal intimidation," Perry said Wednesday at a brief press conference in Austin. "The actions that I took were not only lawful and legal, but they were right."

RNLA's First Vice President Elliot Berke stated:
"This marks an appropriate end to another sad chapter for the Travis County District Attorney's office," said Elliot S. Berke, who served as General Counsel to Majority Leader Tom DeLay during his indictment by the same office.  "While this matter is now over, the citizens of Travis County and all of Texas should remain outraged by this craven attempt to criminalize politics and waste tax payer resources on personal vendettas."
The whole ordeal was simply absurd. It is hard to believe that the allegations that were filed somehow made it out of the trial court. Even now, with the charges dismissed, one cannot help but look back at the events that transpired and wonder what would have happened this election cycle without this black cloud looming over Perry's head.

These groundless allegations were yet another attack on a conservative leader trying to damage his reputation and even imprison him.  Just as happened with Governor Scott Walker, it was shown to be about political vengeance and not the rule of law.