Another Baseless Attack by the Left on Justice Thomas

"Lefty legal commentator" Mark Stern has attacked U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas yet again. This time, he has misconstrued a picture of Justice Thomas with former U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker as proof of Justice Thomas' alleged "interest in politics." Mark Paoletta explains:

In April, Justice Thomas hosted a reception at the Supreme Court for recent inductees into the Horatio Alger Association. This organization has awarded $235 million in scholarships to more than 35,000 at-risk students. Herschel Walker was one of many inductees this year, so he attended the event too. 

Justice Thomas was inducted as a member into the Horatio Alger Association in 1992 and has hosted a reception for the group at the Court nearly every year. Members include Americans who have achieved great success despite adversity. His 1992 class included Maya Angelou, Wayne Huizenga, Henry Kissinger, and John Silber. 

Justice Thomas regularly poses for individual photos with the members in attendance at the reception, which is why he took a picture with Walker. This photo had nothing to do with Walker’s campaign and does not demonstrate an interest in politics. Justice Thomas had no knowledge of or anything to do with publishing the photo — Walker’s campaign did. Stern takes a perfectly ordinary picture from a non-political event and turns it into a smear on Justice Thomas.

The hypocrisy is glaring.

As Jonathan Turley posits, the targeting of Justice and Ginni Thomas is "just another exercise in liberal rage." In some ways, it makes sense that Stern tried to direct ire toward Justice Thomas. After all, the Left's conspiracies about Ginni Thomas and January 6th turned out to be a big "nothingburger" when a report was issued at the end of last year:

[I]t turns out what we knew was largely all we needed to know. There was not “much more to the story.” The entire Ginni Thomas scandal merited nary a mention in the massive report. 

Indeed, it doesn’t appear the committee had anything more than what we knew when the controversy began. The texts were never denied, and they weren’t surprising since Ginni Thomas was publicly supporting Trump and his claims. She was willing, moreover, to answer the committee’s questions voluntarily.

Unfortunately, it appears that the baseless assaults on Justice Thomas and other conservative justices are unlikely to end anytime soon, especially as the Left continues to attack them at every opportunity.