Are IDs a Racist Scam by Airlines, Hotels, Hospitals, etc.?

RNLA Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter leader Linda Kerns lays out the case for Voter ID in an Op-Ed published yesterday in a simple irrefutable way. 

Ms. Kerns first points out the ridiculousness of the left’s argument against voter ID.

Are ID requirements a clever ploy by airlines, credit card companies, hotels and hospitals to prevent certain races of people from utilizing their services? Are they trying to suppress the number of paying customers?

That is just plain silly. And frankly, so are the voter ID opponents.

Ms. Kerns, a participant in Philadelphia’s unfortunate voter wars, lays out the need

And once I cast that vote, it can never be undone. So if I vote in Nancy Neighbor’s name in the morning and she shows up that afternoon, no one knows how I voted. So that wrongly cast vote is going to be counted.

There are provisional ballots and other means to make sure no one is disenfranchised.  There is no way to “uncount” a vote.

One of my favorite points of Ms. Kerns is the fact that liberals opposing voter ID are actually oppressing the very people they are claiming to help.  So many of society’s benefits require an ID.  You would really think if the Left cared about the very small group without ID, they would be fighting for them to get an ID to take advantage of the many social and other programs that require ID.  Ms. Kerns lists a few:

If there are people who do not have IDs, then spend your talent and resources bringing those people into the fold of the majority of citizens who enjoy the convenience of using checking accounts, entering office buildings and obtaining marriage and fishing licenses.

Read Ms. Kerns whole Op-ed here