Senate Confirms Sung to 9th Circuit as Biden makes More Judicial Nominations

By a 49 to 50 vote, the U.S. Senate confirmed Jennifer Sung to the 9th Circuit on Wednesday. Her nomination drew criticism from Republicans for a letter she signed on to calling U.S. Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh an "intellectually and morally bankrupt ideologue" during his confirmation process.

As RNLA has previously noted, it is impossible to take Democrats seriously when they oppose intimidation against members of the judiciary, especially when they support radical judicial nominees like Sung who use intimidating rhetoric against members of the judiciary that inspires such actions.

Also on Wednesday, the Biden Administration announced its eleventh slate of judicial nominees. Six are nominated to serve on federal district courts, and three are nominated to serve on local D.C. courts. 

Ironically, after four years of Democrats criticizing the Trump Administration for prioritizing the filling of judicial vacancies, President Biden has surpassed the number of judicial nominations that President Trump made during his first year in office. 

Republicans expect more of the same from President Biden with this new slate of nominees and with future nominees. As Senator Ted Cruz pointed out during a confirmation hearing for Alison Nathan, nominated to the 2nd Circuit, the Biden Administration continues to nominate "partisan and ideological extremists" to the bench instead of nominees "committed to following the rule of law."