Joe Biden Does Same Thing that Dems Impeached Trump Over

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden says he would refuse to comply with a subpoena by the U.S. Senate unless a court order compels him. While Democrats may defend Biden for being in his right to do so, there’s one problem: they already impeached President Trump for doing the same thing.

As Alan Dershowitz writes in The Hill…

“Biden has now taken the legs out from under the second article of impeachment voted on by the House against President Trump.

That article accuses the president of ‘obstruction of Congress’ for doing essentially what Biden said he would do, namely demanding a court order before he would comply with what he believes to be partisan subpoenas issued by one chamber of Congress.

Democrats are now faced with quite the dilemma. If Biden is not obstructing the Senate, how can they claim Trump is guilty of obstructing Congress? Both men are refusing to comply with Congressional subpoenas absent court orders.  If anything, Trump as president has a constitutional right to refuse, compared to Biden who is just a private citizen. Dershowitz argues…

"Trump is the president, whereas Biden is a private citizen… that important difference favors Trump, who has the constitutional power to invoke executive and other presidential privileges. Biden lacks any such power as a private citizen…”

This is just another example of Democrats’ vindictive hypocrisy and partisan attacks against President Trump. Another false accusation against Trump has fallen on flat its face and even backfired.  In closing, Alan Dershowitz says it best…

“The proper statement by Biden that he refuses to comply with a Senate subpoena absent a court order points to the partisan double standards that have dominated this impeachment process from the start.”

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