Brennan Center: The Only Democrats in New York who Don't See Vote Fraud

To work for the Brennan Center in New York, there are a couple unofficial requirements: (1) you have to be a  Democrat (and a Hillary supporter) and (2) a vote fraud denier.  On the latter, to hear the Brennan Center talk about it, vote fraud is more rare than a lightening strike.  They use their denial of vote fraud as one of their reasons to oppose Voter ID.

However, the Brennan Center employees should talk to their fellow Democrats or read the papers about the vote fraud that is happening in their own area.  Today it was:

The Manhattan Democratic representative on the city’s Board of Elections was caught on a secret video slamming Mayor Bill de Blasio’s municipal ID program as contributing to “all kinds of fraud” — including at the polls.

Schulkin said he backed the IDs to prevent rampant fraud.

Schulkin responded, “Voters? Yeah, they should ask for your ID. I think there is a lot of voter fraud.”

While discussing the potential for fraud, Schulkin volunteered that in some parts of the city, “they bus people around to vote . . . They put them in a bus and go poll site to poll site.”

Of course this does not come as a surprise to any rational New Yorker.  New York Democrats know there is a vote fraud problem in New York.  As former Democrat Congressional nominee Vincent Gentile said last year in an unguarded moment:

The candidate said his personal experiences as a politician in New York, one of the 18 states nationwide with no voter ID laws, had made him a supporter of the measures.

“All of us who’ve run before are, can tell you stories about what happens on Election Day,” he said.

Any honest Democrat in New York would admit to you that Vote Fraud is real and that Voter ID is needed, just most know that partisan groups like the Brennan Center will attack them for saying it.